Atom: The Beginning Episode #10

Well everyone, it’s time for the championship match where A106 must fight 3 other robots in a battle royal!

So while Ran Ochanomizu is waiting for Six to fully-recharge, seems that there would be a surprise in the upcoming match…

…as Maria announced some new changes in the championship match. In addition to the four robots competing in the finals, there’s one more robot who’ll be joining in!

Well, it’s none other than the current champion of Robot Wrestling, Mars! Gotta say that this announcement is a shocker towards the audience!

In fact, Dr. Lolo wanted Mars to compete against the best robots in the federation, including Umataro Tenma and Hiroshi Ochanomizu’s A106 in which she’s interested on fighting Lab 7’s creation!

Of course, Mars will have to take down the rest of the robots like the Deadly Taurus which Mars grab the robot…

…and toss into the ground like a ragdoll. While the pilot is okay, seems that Mars means business when it comes to combat!

Oh, and it’s not over yet as Dr. Lolo’s masterpiece defeated both AI-controlled robots, Drum Shoulder and Hell Scissors, with its signature move called Knife Hand Strike.

Yes, the current champions is heads and shoulders above the rest of the crop. In fact, Mars was built with a special material called zeronium in which it can withstand blows including Six’s 1000-horsepower punches. It’s no wonder that Dr. Lolo created Mars as the strongest robot ever that Tenma couldn’t accept that!

But as for A106, it appears that while this robot is ready to take on Mars, seems that Six wants to talk to Dr. Lolo’s masterpiece. Then again, Mars doesn’t have the ability to talk nor converse with other robots since it’s designed for combat.

In any case, I’ll see you next time for the penultimate episode. Whose robots reigns supreme in the Robot Wrestling Federation, Mars or A106?

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