Sakura Quest Episode #13

Hey everyone, this is Ptolemaios as they’re invited by the TV station to perform at Kingdom of Chupakabura’s Foundation Festival!

Even Yoshino Koharu is excited to see this popular band rocking all out in Manoyama! Then again, will Ptolemaios’ inclusion help visitor counts?

Anyways, it’s time for the Foundation Festival were visitors are greeted by various stalls.

Here, Chitose Oribe is selling shaved ice to visitors because c’mon, it’s hot today and they need something to cool themselves down. As for Chitose-san, she’s taking the opportunity to get more profits!

On the other hand, here’s Queen Yoshino and her ministers are hosting the Manoyamania Quiz contest where the winner will have a trip to Guam.

Then again, most of the visitors won’t bother participating the contest…

…as they went to see the Ptolemaios concert instead. In fact, the reason why they went to Manoyama is because they heard that the most popular band in Japan has arrived to perform there. Not only that, but they don’t care about coming back to Manoyama because they’re ungrateful bastards for following the band!

Still, the Kingdom of Chupakabura’s Foundation Festival is a success due to having a high visitor count than last time. But then again, I don’t think the visitors will ever come back to Manoyama. Heck, even the TV station that aired a documentary about Manoyama won’t help as much!

Basically, it’s back to square one for Queen Yoshino Koharu and her royal court. So much for using publicity to promote a ghost town, let alone a kingdom named after a vegetable/monster!

In any case, let’s hope that there would be another opportunity to promote Manoyama so that visitors can come back here, ’cause it’s sad that the town is not bustling if there’s no one coming to town! Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode.

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