Sakurada Reset Episode #13

Well, seems that Kei Asai woke up from the dream world instead of being swallowed up by a nightmarish monster!

Also, looks like Misora Haruki and Seika Nono got out from the dream world as well. Still, it’ll be hard for Hono- I mean Michiru to face reality.

Speaking of Michiru, she went to see Sumire Souma at a restaurant and judging from Michiru hugging Sumire, seems that they’re friends in the dream world.

On the other hand though, Souma asked Michiru if she can meet with the old man at the Stray Cat House. However, Michiru declined to see the old man because she hates him!

Now then, it’s time for Kei Asai and his friends to go back to the dream world as they about to meet the old man inside the so-called Stray Cat House.

While the original location of the house was turned into a parking lot in the real world, what Kei-kun and Misora saw in the dream world was a mansion. In fact, Seika knows where to meet with the old man.

Anyways, this is the old man from the Stray Cat House and it appears that Seika Nono knows about him since she was indebted to this old man.

Now then, the reason why Asai and Haruki went to see the old man is because he knows about a book that writes about the truth of the world. This book is called “The Script” and this old man writes about it that the Bureau wants to restrict its contents.

Unfortunately, both Asai and Haruki are interrupted when this familiar face appeared. You know him as the one who greeted Kei-kun after arriving in Sakurada.

This is Masamune Urachi and he’s with the Bureau, which means that he doesn’t like having someone snooping around behind the Bureau’s back!

So, Urashi told them to leave the Stray Cat House at once. Well, looks like Kei-kun will have to be careful when Masamune-san comes around ’cause he sees Asai as a threat to the integrity of the Bureau.

In any case, I’ll see you next time and I wish that I can see the contents of The Script at a later time. Heck, who know what secrets would uncover when The Script is opened, especially the Bureau when they’re hiding secrets to everybody!

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