Little Witch Academia Episode #25

Well, looks like the ministers couldn’t do anything what they have witnessed…

…as this nuclear missile got assimilated by Professor Croix’s magic drones. Oh. Bloody. Hell!

And because of this, Professor Croix couldn’t do anything to stop it as her drones stored too much negative energy that it went berserk.

Basically, they’re all fucked up and it’s Croix’s fault!

However, Atsuko Kagari told them that giving up ins’t the option. Why? Because there’s still hope yet for Akko and her friends to stop the missile using their magic!

C’mon, Akko possessed a fully-charged Shiny Rod and she has a better idea of using it.

So, Kagari decided to turn her Shiny Rod into a giant broom where she and her buddies can use their combined magic to fly towards the missile.

Also, both Professor Chariot and Croix decided to help Akko and her friends…

…by giving these 7 girls some new clothes to wear. Would it be better if Chariot and Croix gave them space suits since they’re going to space?

Then again, they’re witches and Akko and the others can breath beyond the atmosphere!

But anyways, these 7 witches are taking their final mission. By the way, this giant broom can separate itself much like a multi-stage rocket, which means that the likes of Amanda O’Neill and Lotte Yanson are just pushing both Diana Cavendish and Atsuko Kagari towards their destination.

So while Akko’s idea is good, let’s not forget that they’re dealing with a missile being possessed by Croix’s machinations…

…as it can change forms or even fire a salvo of smaller missiles. Honestly, it’s a difficult job to dodge them all while trying to stop the nuclear missile from hitting something!

On the other hand, looks like the crowd turned their attention to Atsuko Kagari and her friends as they fly towards the missile.

Yeah, those rioters who got very angry just for a single football game, have exerted their energy on cheering them…

…which they transferred it to the girls so that their magic can be replenished. Oh, and it’s happening around the world!

Of course, there are people who doesn’t like these girls getting in their way. Case in point, the statesmen who are running the country and they still bicker about those witches when they can just order an evacuation.

Despite Andrew Hanbridge convincing them that Akko and her friends are stopping the missile, they considered these witches as a threat… to their egos!

Fortunately for Andrew, it appears that the prime minister has decided that they should let these witches stop the missile and save the world.

Basically, Andrew’s father and his fellow ministers should watch and don’t interfere them!

Now then, it’s time for both Akko and Diana to finish the fight as they try to close in towards the missile while dodging smaller ones straight outta Macross!

While it looks impressive as Akko transforms missiles into cute things, let’s just say that the nuke is very stubborn against witches!

Eventually, both Akko and Diana got knocked out by the nuclear missile. Dammit, say it ain’t so!

Luckily for Diana, Atsuko returned with a bang as she got her hands on the elusive broom Shooting Star, which disappeared back in Episode 3 after Amanda O’Neill stole it!

With Kagari back from action, it’s time for her and Diana Cavendish to finish the fight!

And a better way to stop the magic-infused nuclear missile is by shooting it with Shiny Arc! Isn’t it nice that both Akko-chan and Diana are pulling the bow together?

And look, the nuclear missile didn’t stand a chance when it got hit with the power of magic, fueled by friendship no matter who they end up with!

Well then, looks like the witches saved the world from certain destruction!

And this is the aftermath of the magic-embued missile as it exploded into a shower of light, leaving everyone in awe upon seeing it. Heck, it might inspire girls to become witches someday!

But let’s go back to both Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish as they saw the Shiny Rod or Claiomh Solais disappears into light.

Well, looks like the rod has has finished its tasks of reviving magic to the world!

Yeah, it’s sucks that Akko’s favorite Shiny Rod will be gone in a minute. But hey, I have to say that Kagari has improved a lot that she’s consider herself as a better witch than before!

And that’s about it for Little Witch Academia as I applaud Studio Trigger for making another masterpiece yet again. Sure that it was originally started out as a one-shot short film, having Little Witch Academia expanded into a TV series is a big improvement as it fleshed out interesting characters like Sucy Manbavaran and even Diana Cavendish. Heck, even Atsuko Kagari improves from being a newbie when it comes to magic to becoming a respectable witch in her own right. There’s nothing dull during the whole 25 episodes because this series brings more excitement and I’m glad that I’ve finished watching Little Witch Academia!

Now that the dust is settled, it’s time for the epilogue of this show!

For Professor Croix, she’ll have to atone for her sins as Croix tries to clean up her mess, all while finding a way to cure Chariot since she was affected by Wagandea’s pollen back in Episode 21.

I have to say that Croix is starting to change for the better thanks to Akko-chan!

On the other hand, looks like everyone got a bit surprised when they saw something amazing…

Well, seems that Atsuko Kagari can fly now after so many attempts during the course of Little Witch Academia. Glad that Akko can use her broom to fly together with her friends because “a believing heart is her magic!”

Anyways, I’m finished blogging Studio Trigger’s anime series. Also, sorry for the delays on publishing this post ’cause I have real-life commitments!

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