Knight’s and Magic Episode #01

This is Tsubasa Kurata, a game programmer who loves mecha anime that he work so hard just to buy plastic models of his favorite mecha shows!

Sadly, Kurata got killed by a car who didn’t see the red light. Well, it sucks that Kurata didn’t get a chance to build his plastic models that he bought with his money.

At this point, this would be the end of Tsubasa Kurata’s story…

However, it wasn’t meant to be as he was reincarnated into another world as a young noble named Ernesti Echevalier, where he was astonished upon seeing a Silhouette Knight first-hand.

Due to his love of mecha anime, Ernesti (or Ernie) has decided to become a pilot of a Silhouette Knight. Heck, he wanted to make a Silhouette Knight of his own design if he wants to.

So, Ernie wasted no time on learning swordsmanship from father, as well as magic fundamentals from her mother in which he learned from it at a young age.

Let’s not forget that Ernesti had a previous life as a programmer, which makes sense since he can understand magic much like he’s reading strings of code.

Eventually, Ernesti Echevalier was enrolled in the Academy of Knight Runners at Laihiala, where he made a good impression towards his peers and teachers by showing them high-class magic skills.

And by the way, Ernie designed this Gun-like Rod which was the forged by knightsmiths in Laihiala. C’mon, he came from the modern world and Ernie applied his knowledge of mecha anime to this fantasy world.

Three years later, Ernesti Echevalier became a high school student at a young age. And while he can’t pilot a Silhouette Knight due to his short stature…

…Ernie is a capable knight where he can defeat those demon beasts while rescuing his fellow classmates.

Also, he’s joined by his two childhood friends, Archid and Adeltrud Walter, where they’re capable of doing hand-to-hand combat and magic despite being illegitimate children of a noble.

Well, despite having the same premise as any other anime series where a protagonist is reincarnated into a fantasy world, I have to say that Knight’s and Magic might be interesting to watch mostly because it has mecha. Then again, I think this show needs a detailed explanation of the world as it’s just too fast or too little to convey it. On the other hand, Ernesti might be a genius but he’s so cute that Ernie might be mistaken as a girl.

In any case, let’s hope that the next episode might make a lot of sense of what’s happening in Knight’s and Magic. Heck, I’m looking forward for a decent run of this show!

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