NEW GAME! Episode #13

Hey everyone, it’s time for an extra episode of NEW GAME! where Aoba couldn’t get out of the ski lift! Poor girl…

Then again, it’s all just a dream so Suzukaze is safe! Still, seems that her friend Nene Sakura will be very jealous of her going on a company-sponsored vacation!

Now then, let’s go right away with this special episode before the second season starts. I mean, they finished making Fairies Story 3 so they deserve a vacation!

Anyways, they’re staying at a ski resort and Aoba-chan is nervous on skiing for the first time!

On the other hand though, looks like Kou Yagami got a fever that Rin Touyama escorted Kou-san to her room.

C’mon, she cares about Yagami since they went to Eagle Jump together. Also, isn’t it nice that they have a moment by themselves?

Now that breakfast is done, let’s have Aoba learn how to ski as she’s accompanied by Hifumi Takimoto. After all, she knows how to ski other than cosplaying!

See, looks like Aoba Suzukaze can ski decently, from steering to braking. Let’s hope that she won’t fall to a ravine somewhere!

Afterwards, it’s time for the girls to cool themselves down at the hot springs. C’mon, they’re staying at the mountains and having a hot spring is a blessing!

On the other hand, here’s Hifumi as she shares a drink with Aoba-chan. Then again, Aoba is currently underage so she can’t drink sake at the moment.

But when she took a sip, seems that Aoba would prefer drinking soda instead. Glad that Aoba sticks to softdrinks instead of hard liquor.

Of course, it appears that Hifumi Takimoto couldn’t handle sake well that she just sip it in and savor the flavor!

Also, here’s Hajime Shinoda and Yun Iijima as they returned to the hot springs after spending their time at the sauna.

Then again, Yun couldn’t slim her weight down whereas Hajime’s tits are still intact!

Finally, looks like Kou Yagami has finally recovered from her fever as she’s enjoying a glass of beer together with Rin Touyama and Umiko Ahagon.

Glad that she’s okay but let’s hope that Yagami won’t drink too much alcohol!

On the other hand, seems that Ahagon should cut down on shochu as she’s freakin’ tipsy right now.

Also, Umino should keep her airsoft handgun in her room. Blasting an oyster with her gun isn’t good!

And now, let’s end this OVA episode with Shizuku Hazuki as she enjoys drinking sake alone! Of course, they’ll be back on making games again after this vacation…

Anyways, I’ll see you next week for the start of NEW GAME! Season 2!

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