Atom: The Beginning Episode #11

Hey everyone, it’s the penultimate episode where we have Mars and A106! Let’s see which robot reign supreme?

Of course, being that Mars is designed for combat with military-grade technology and materials, A106 has a 50/50 chance of surviving its attacks. Then again, Six is trying to talk to Mars despite its AI being designed to destroy everything!

For Six’s rivals, they want to see a new legend happening as they cheered for the Kindhearted Child of Science to win the championship!

But for Dr. Lolo however, she wants to be entertained as her creation Mars wants to prove against A106 that her robot is still the strongest in the world!

Anyways, let’s get on with the action as both A106 and Mars jumped off from the ground. While Six can jump high thanks to its pneumatic legs, Mars is no slouch either with its jetter shields from its back!

Unfortunately for A106, Mars delivered a devastating kick which sends the Kindhearted Child of Science towards the wall.

Yeah, that doesn’t take well for Hiroshi Ochanomizu and his friends as they’re worried that Six might be destroy the next time Mars landed a fatal blow.

But for Umataro Tenma, he wants Six to continue fighting. Otherwise, Tenma sees A106 as a failure in which his engineering skills has its limits. Well, seems that Ochanomizu won’t like his friend’s reasoning to put Six in danger since it has the Bewusstsein System.

But now, let’s go back into the action where A106 is still fighting against Mars. However, it appears that Six lost its right eye after trying to communicate Drum Shoulder’s severed head.

And worst of all, Mars chopped A106 so much that the audience couldn’t stand watching Six getting destroyed by Dr. Lolo’s creation.

I mean, Mars is built with military-grade weapons from the Hercules Laboratory. It’s no wonder they they cry afoul over Six’s destruction at the hands of Mars.

Yet, A106 is still moving as it tries to make a conversation towards Mars, which Dr. Lolo’s prized robot is about to land a finishing blow.

However, Mars ignored Dr. Lolo’s orders and told Six that this fight is nonsense. Wow, it’s rare to see Mars talking to A106 despite being designed for combat.

Unfortunately for Mars, it appears that its batteries run out of juice as the champion goes down. I guess all that dodging from Six has got Mars tired.

Meanwhile for Six, it appears that Ochanomizu and Tenma’s robot is still standing despite losing its right arm and the lower half of its body.

In any case, we have a new winner in the Robot Wrestling Federation! Congratulations to A106!

For Dr. Lolo, it appears that Mars’ defeat is a major setback as she walks away while ignoring Umataro Tenma.

Sure that he boasts around regarding Six’s victory, but I feel that his ego might inflate into horrible proportions where Tenma would create the strongest robot in the world that would surpass A106.

Then again, it’ll be saved in the next series after Atom: The Beginning.

As for Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Motoko Tsutsumi, they felt a sigh of relief as Six survived in one piece. C’mon, they considered A106 as a friend…

…including Ran Ochanomizu as she was saved by Six many times already. Glad that Six has companions who deeply care about its well-being despite being a robot.

With that said, it’s the end of this episode as A106 came on top against Mars! Now then, I’m looking forward for the last episode to close this story out. Then again, there could be more so we’ll see about that!

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