Sakura Quest Episode #14

And now, we start the second half of Sakura Quest with Queen Yoshino Koharu as she’s being punished by the people of Manoyama… by throwing manjus at her!

Um, I know it’s kinda like a promotion to Ushimatsu Kadota’s Chupakabura Manju but it’s so weird that no one’s gonna hooked by it!

Also, it turns out that it’s all just a dream as Yoshino Koharu is taking her summer vacation at her hometown in Azumigaura.

Yes, she needs to wind herself down and take a rest before going back to Manoyama for promoting the town.

Speaking of Manoyama, two natives are taking care of Yoshino’s work as both Shiori Shinomiya and Ririko Oribe are brainstorming on how to use empty houses as lodging places for bed and breakfast.

Well, gotta say that they got a great idea of using those abandoned houses for something functional. Last time they used one, the camera crew set it on fire!

Also, here’s Sanae Kouzuki as she went back to Tokyo to meet some friends and former colleagues. While working in urban areas is hell to most of them, some of Sanae’s friends got used to it and they pretty much succeeded.

Speaking of Kouzuki, sure that she ran away to Manoyama after quitting her job in Tokyo, but let’s hope that Sanae won’t do the same mistake as she’s doing fine as the Minister of IT.

Next up is Maki Midorikawa as she’s having a conversation with Moe Sawano. While Moe is becoming a popular actress, she wants to help Maki-sempai by offering her an audition with a prominent director.

Of course, given that she’s busy revitalizing the town, Midorikawa told Sawano that she de- I mean, think about the offer.

Honestly, Maki should take the audition. Who knows that it could be her big break!

Now then, let’s go back to Yoshino Koharu as she hangs out with her little sister Nagisa at the Azumi Festival.

Also, it turns out that Nagisa has a boyfriend, something that Yoshino would get jealous of it!

Lastly, here’s Yoshino’s mom and dad as they have such fond memories in Azumi Festival. Isn’t it lovely?

One more thing, they plan to bring both Nagisa and her boyfriend to Manoyama as they love to see the sakura trees blossomed there! Then again, it’s summer season and they’ll have to wait for March of next year.

But let’s go back to Manoyama as Shiori and Ririko are checking out empty houses for their bed and breakfast project.

Unfortunately, they encountered some suspicious Spanish-speaking tourist, which both Shiori and Ririko are horrified upon seeing them ’cause they can’t speak their language. Would it be better if the tourists speak English or little Japanese?

Well then, that’s about it for this episode. Let’s hope that Shiori and Ririko can get out of this situation unscathed! Someone should call Mr. Sandal when things get dicey…

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