Sakurada Reset Episode #14

Here’s Chiruchiru as he takes care of Honoka Katagiri, also known as Michiru as she somewhat sealed her own self.

Meanwhile, here’s Sasane Ukawa again as she still hates this world that Sasane-san wanted to destroy it.

Why? Because the dream world that Honoka made is just a way to isolate herself from the harsh outside world, including the creation of her alter ego Michiru and her hero/god Chiruchiru!

So by putting her special ring, Sasane Ukawa proceeds to destroy her surroundings in the dream world.

And poof, all of the buildings including the Stray Cat House have disappeared. Yeah, looks like Michiru won’t like how her ideal world is being destroyed!

Meanwhile, here’s Masamune Urachi as he and his fellow Bureau members got out of the dream world unscathed. Then again, it seems that despite telling Kei Asai and his friends to go away, Masamune-san couldn’t find a piece of The Script.

One more thing, it appears that Masamune hates special abilities, but he’s obliged to regulate those people with powers in Sakurada because it’s Urachi’s duty as part of the Bureau. Makes me wonder if he has a hidden agenda?

Now then, let’s go back to both Kei Asai and Misora Haruki as they went to the other side, beyond the cloudy walls that Honoka Katagiri made since Sakurada is vertically inverted as Kei pointed out.

Heck, Asai believes that he and Haruki are walking above the ocean so to speak!

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene as both Kei-kun and Misora went to this abandoned high school building…

…to meet with Chiruchiru, the god which Katagiri created to be her ideal friend/hero. Not only that, but Honoka created the monster that briefly appeared in Ep. 12 as an adversary to Chiruchiru, which Katagiri was inspired by the words of the old man from the Stray Cat House.

Of course, the reason why Honoka hated the old man is because he gave her a complicated question of giving something in exchange for losing something precious. Basically, equivalent exchange for those Fullmetal Alchemist fans out there.

Now then, it appears that Kei Asai knows on why the dream world is created in the first place as it turns out that the world itself is basically Honoka Katagiri’s consciousness. Oh yeah, and it seems that Chiruchiru add some more information regarding Honoka Katagiri as her ability can connect to people when sleeping next to her. However, the Bureau isolated Katagiri which is why she created the monster and Chiruchiru in the first place. Then again, why Sumire Souma went to the dream world is beyond my comprehension.

Anyways, looks like Chiruchiru had fun talking with Kei Asai that he gave him a present…

…which happened to be a book called No. 407 of The Script, containing the abilities in Sakurada as well as information about the Bureau itself.

Well, I have to say that Asai got the jackpot. Let’s hope that he keeps it safe from Masamune Urachi.

Meanwhile, here’s Misora Haruki as she talked to Chiruchiru in another room, asking what she truly desires. Then again, it’s a ploy for Chiruchiru to take Haruki away from Asai.

Fortunately though, Misora told Chiruchiru that she has no desires, but rather she wants to grow up to be a worthy person for Kei-kun. So yeah, Chiruchiru’s NTR tactics have failed. Of course, there’s one thing they need to worry about…

…as the monster appeared yet again to destroy everything. Also, it turns out that the monster represents Honoka Katagiri’s true self, the one where she wants to connect with people and realizing that the world she made is just a dream.

Now then, looks like it’s time for Kei Asai and Misora Haruki to rescue her from despair on the next episode… unless Masamune Urachi interrupts it!

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