Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #11

Well everyone, here’s Belial as the *ahem* former Demon Lord of Vanity gloats over her latest prisoner…

…who is none other than the fallen angel Lucifer, soon to be the Demon Lord of Pride. Damn, she shouldn’t pass out in the previous episode because Belial might capture her!

By the way, I have some unfortunate news as Artland has declared bankruptcy recently, making Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai their last show. Come to think of it, I feel that the reason why there’s so much delay is because Artland is struggling to finish up tons of animation while finding a Chinese company to sell the studio to them. Alas, it wasn’t possible.

On the other hand, I wonder if TNK is doing fine now that they’re doing the remaining episodes after Artland’s recent liquidation?

But anyways, Belial whips Lucifer as it revealed that she’s a former angel named Satanael. Of course, she was cast down to hell for spreading false miracles despite her intentions to gather followers in God’s name.

Sadly though, Satanael’s intentions end up causing more harm to humans than good. And besides, God is pretty much senile that casting her down to Hell along with Lucifer is like one of those days… like Tuesday for example.

And one more thing, Belial still holds Maria Totsuka hostage so she’s rubbing more salt onto Lucifer’s wounds! After all, it’s Lucifer’s fault for enacting God’s punishment towards her in the first place.

Yeah, seems that Satana- I mean Belial got so salty on being cast down to Hell that she spread lies about being part of the Byrnedale family, hence becoming the Demon Lord of Vanity to this day and assert dominance over the other demon lords.

But you know what, forget Belial’s cause of gathering up the likes of Mammon and Asmodeus and rise up against Heaven when she’s actually bending over God’s will in the end. Besides, Belial has recently got contact with Michael so it appears that her betrayal towards her fellow demon lords is pretty much guaranteed!

In fact, seems that the demon lords have finally conquered their punishment as Satan and the rest freed Lucifer from her frozen prison!

And look, they’re here for some payback against that treacherous Belial for her various crimes.

C’mon, what Belial did was breaking promises of attacking Heaven, where in reality is that she sold Hell to the likes of Michael and God!

And she thinks that Lucifer was sent down to Hell to destroy other demon lords, when Belial is actually a cocksucker to her former boss. Sorry for those who are kinda offended with this joke. After all, this show deals with scantily-clad devils and Judeo-Christian culture.

In any case, it’s time for Satan and the rest of the demon lords to launch their attack against Belial.

However, they’re no match for them as the former Demon Lord of Vanity got Lucifer’s powers, coupled with her Dainsleif sword which makes her unstoppable!

Meanwhile, both Leviathan and Astaroth went down to Cocytus after getting caught in an accident during their battle.

Now, they’re frozen solid that Leviathan’s partner Behemoth couldn’t break her free.

Of course, there’s another way to break themselves free from the ice pillars as Astaroth suggested to use her guitar to create shockwaves.

Then again, they’re both frozen and playing the guitar is just an afterthought… unless Behemoth played Astaroth’s instrument!

Now let’s go back Belial’s castle where she crucified her former comrades… or rather her pawns as Belial is a lying bitch who cares about herself!

Also, check out Beelzebub’s naked body for those who like lolis. I prefer well-endowed ones…

Anyways, here’s Belial as she torments Maria Totsuka by crushing her heart while telling her to stab Lucifer with a silver stake!

Of course, Lucifer told Maria that it’s okay to get stabbed. Don’t know why Lucifer wants Maria to thrust that stake over her chest.

But anyways, Lucifer went towards Maria in order to get stabbed by her only slave. Damn, this is depressing…

And here’s the aftermath as Lucifer got a hole in her chest. Seriously, is the fallen angel trying to be desperate on saving Maria Totsuka?

Heck, even Maria is terrified upon seeing this. At this point, looks like Belial is gloating over Lucifer’s death!

However, it appears that the former Demon Lord of Vanity saw something shocking that she couldn’t believe it! What could it be?

Well, turns out that Lucifer is back from the dead! Oh, and she really tricked Belial into thinking that she’s really gone for good, when in reality is that Lucifer swapped hearts with Maria Totsuka.

Therefore, the fallen angel possessed Maria’s heart and vice-versa!

But without further ado, it’s time to put Belial’s reign to a grinding halt as Lucifer launched a piercing light…

…which blows the former Demon Lord of Vanity, including her clothes because Belial is mostly naked all the time! Serves her right for her lies and deceptions!

Now that Belial is defeated, seems that the demon lords are finally free from their crucifixion. Also, enjoy both Satan and Belphegor’s uncensored tits!

And now, they gathered towards Belial as they mocked how the mighty demon lord have fallen from her treachery. I mean, she deserve it for betraying both Heaven and Hell!

One last thing, seems that Leviathan broke free from Cocytus’ frozen prison thanks to Behemoth on playing Astaroth’s guitar. Then again, I wonder what happened to Astaroth though… Oh wait, she already went to see Belial and her her out!

So with that said, looks like Hell has a new leader now as Lucifer becomes the Demon Lord of Pride. Then again, this show ain’t over yet as she must defeat Michael, and then God as she calls her former boss as a senile bastard! Again, please don’t take this joke serious as it refers to the true antagonist of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the final episode and let’s hope that things won’t go downhill from there. I mean, God is planning to destroy Hell with no survivors! Then again, I wonder where he could put his sinners once Hell is obliterated?

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