Atom: The Beginning Episode #12

Well, seems that A106 is dreaming something where the robot saw itself… who is reduced to a pile of trash.

Yeah, it’s sad that after risking Six’s body to outlast Mars, the robot is treated as expendable because Umataro Tenma said so. In fact, he’s planning to create Six’s successor and an evolution to the Bewusstsein System.

Anyways, here’s A106 as the Robo-Wres champion still doesn’t have its lower body, nor its right arm and eye.

Damn, I wish Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma should fix their own creation!

However, what they’re doing is just bickering all day long with Tenma planning to scrap Six in order to create A107. Of course, he doesn’t have the funds to make one and Umataro blames Hiroshi for using the prize money to buy replacement parts for Six.

Ugh, I don’t like this at all when both of them created A106 as a testament that sentient AI robots are the future, yet we have Tenma still being obsessed with power that he wanted to create a stronger robot that’ll surpass anyone, Six and Mars included.

Fortunately, apart from Hiroshi Ochanomizu, there’s one person who deeply cares about A106 as Ran Ochanomizu tries to fix Six ’cause Ran considered the robot as a friend.

Now that’s what I called dedication right there so give props to Ran-chan for taking the initiative to fix A106!

Eventually, Umataro agreed to repair Six after some convincing from Hiroshi-kun. I mean, would it be better if you can fix what you have instead of making another one from scratch?

Anyways, glad that they decided to finish up repairs for the current Robot Wrestling Federation champion!

So when Shunsaku Ban went to Nerima University’s Laboratory 7, he couldn’t believe his eyes…

…that the champion is finally fixed! Well, better than creating A107 ’cause Six still has a heart!

But anyways, let’s end this series as A106 jumped high and saw a glimpse of a certain robot flying towards the sky. Could it be foreshadowing, perhaps? I guess we’ll never know… or watch Astro Boy!

In any case, I have to say that despite the delays, this show is worth watching as seeing both Ochanomizu and Tenma’s origin is very fascinating. Oh, and let’s not forget about A106 as the robot is an interesting character where it understands emotions and its surrounding. Overall, it’s a fun show to watch and if there’s another season of Atom: The Beginning, I’ll definitely looking forward for it. Then again, the climatic battle between Six and Mars is enough to close this show!

Well then, I’m done watching Atom: The Beginning and should Six remained as the only sentient AI robot in Lab 7, I wish this robot the best of luck ’cause A106 has the potential to go further…

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