Re:CREATORS Episode #14

Well everyone, the moment we all be waiting for as Aki Kikuchihara announced a new multi-media project in front of various producers and other key figures in the anime industry.

Its project name is Elimination Chamber Festival where it consists of various side stories related to Altair, which will be made by the likes of Takashi Matsubara and Shuuma Suruga to supplement their respective works. It is then followed by a grand anime special called Border World Coliseum where all of the characters involved will take on Altair in a closed space.

Yeah, sounds great on paper, right? Well, the problem lies with stricter deadlines and they can’t make a half-ass work in order to combat the military-clad princess. As Akane Kousaka from Saekano said, Kikuchihara told everyone to die on making Elimination Chamber Festival a successful project ’cause the fate of the world depends on their creativity and the acceptance of the public!

Apart from impossible deadlines and fan support, there’s also the issue of conflicting egos as both Masaaki Nakanogane and Ryo Yatoji has some creative differences on how to make a crossover story appealing to the audience.

While Takashi Matsubara tries to intervene and diffuse this heated situation, it won’t work because you have people like Yatoji who rather work his own story than contributing a multi-media project sponsored by the Japanese government. C’mon, deadlines are a pain in the ass when you’re working as an author!

Meanwhile, here’s Souta Mizushino and Marine as she stepped out a bit because Marine (or Ayano Koura) doesn’t want to get caught in someone’s mess. Also, Marine told Souta that she’s fascinated with Suruga’s artwork in which she can draw so fast with amazing detail. Of course, Marine knew that she’s not as good as Suruga.

Fortunately, Souta-kun is here to comfort Marine-sensei as he told the illustrator that she has some fans who appreciate her work. After all, Marine’s illustrations has its own charm!

But now, let’s go back to Ryo Yatoji as he apologized and decided to contribute on the Elimination Chamber Festival project seriously, because working on his own manga will be all for naught if the world is destroyed.

Well, I have to say that Yatoji made the right decision… as it turns out that his manga series “Lockout Ward underground-dark night” is on hiatus. Then again, the real reason why he couldn’t contribute with the project at first is because Yatoji has a case of writer’s block.

On the other hand, here’s Souta Mizushino as he told Takashi-san that he wants to contribute towards the project by making his own character.

Of course, Matsubara told him that it’s impossible and adding another creation at the last minute is very risky. What if Mizushino receive a lot of harsh (and sometimes even trollish) criticism much like his friend Setsuna Shimazaki experienced when she becomes a pro?

Then again, seems that Shuuma Suruga wants to support Souta’s decision because his crazy idea would work.

On the other hand, I’m worried that his created character might not be on par with the rest of the creations in both aesthetics (since it’s been a long time drawing stuff) and character traits. Worse of all, his character might go to Altair’s side or become a wild card just like Magane Chikujouin!

One last thing, it appears that Meteora Estherreich got a tip that there are two characters appeared in the real world. Therefore, both Selesia Yupitilia and Rui Kanoya went outside and search for these two creations.

Of course, it seems that Rui Kanoya found one character already…

…who turned out to be this pink-haired girl. Come to think of it, she somewhat resembles Mamika Kirameki.

Anyways, looks like Selesia and Rui found one character. Now then, I wonder if the rest can find the other one on the next episode?

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