Summer 2017: The rest of the field…

This post is brought you by the two female leads of NTR: Netsuzou Trap. As you can see, Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina have their own boyfriends, yet you have Hotaru kissing Yuma because seeing girls kiss is hot!

Also, the term NTR or netorare doesn’t apply here at all because it’s plain old cheating. At least it’s not about a bastard taking the protagonist’s lover away like any other hentai anime shows around. Seriously, netorare genre is stupid in my opinion!

01. Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~

Let’s start this post with a spin-off of Luck & Logic as it focus on Liones Yelistratova, a ditzy princess who wants to become a Logicalist because she was inspired by Nina Alexandrovna. By the way, Nina is standing beside Lion-chan and it turns out that she’s an experienced Logicalist.

I have to say that Hina Logi is a show that is lighter and softer compared to the main series. So while there would be times where Lion-chan did something cute or awesome, I feel that she and her companion Belle should grow up to become a stronger Logicalist as she attend Pirari Academy together with a different cast of characters.

02. Koi to Uso

Next up is Koi to Uso where the male protagonist Yukari Nejima confessed his love to Misaki Takazaki and finally kissed, which means that this is the end of the show, right? Nah, it turns out that this relationship will be denied when the Japanese government has decided on Yukari’s future spouse on his 16th birthday, which means that his dreams has shattered… unless Yukari-kun protested that is. Then again, the government won’t hear his pleas because the population is declining and thus enacted the law of choosing which person to marry.

Gotta say that this show might be interesting because you got Nejima sticking to his guns while the government is forcing him to love someone else for genetic reasons. Still, I wonder what Misaki Takazaki thinks now that her supposed boyfriend got nabbed by a different girl. Will she continues to defy the government just like Nejima or forget about him?

Anyways, I’m hoping that the story is good on this series. I mean, we got a drama bomb on Koi to Uso and I’m looking forward for its development!

03. My Hero Academia

Lastly, let’s end this post with My Hero Academia as Izuku “Deku” Midoriya went to see Gran Torino, All Might’s mentor who may think that he’s a senile old man but in reality he’s still capable of kicking ass. Also, Gran Torino may hold the key to unlock Deku’s powers, but it’s all up to Midoriya on how to use his quirk “One For All” effectively because Gran Torino is just guiding him.

On the other hand, Izuku’s classmates are taking their internship seriously from Tenya Iida joining Tensei’s hero agency, to Katsuki Bakugou getting schooled by one of the best heroes around due to his attitude. Also, Shouto Todoroki went to his father’s company as Endeavor wants his son to succeed him and surpass All Might. Then again, it’s a wasted effort as Shouto wants to carve his own path instead of following his father’s footsteps!

But that’s about it for the rest of the series airing in Summer 2017 as I’ll see you again in August for its halfway point.

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