Knight’s and Magic Episode #02

Well everyone, seems that Knight’s and Magic has its first boss in the form of a division-class behemoth where the knights from Jantunen are struggling to take this beast down.

Sadly though, the knights got wiped out as the behemoth presses forward deep inside the Cloquet Forest.

Meanwhile, here’s Ernesti Echevalier as he finished up slaying demon beasts together with Archid and Adeltrud Walter. Now, Ernie is being hugged by Adeltrud Walter and her half-older sister Stefania Serrati.

Yeah, isn’t it sweet that Ernie’s cute looks is attracting a lot of ladies? Then again, they’re still inside Cloquet Forest…

…and it seems that the behemoth is getting closer to Ernesti’s classmates. Welp, looks like it’s time to run away as fast as possible.

So, Ernie told his fellow students to go inside the carriages and flee the scene. As for Ernie, he decides to stay because he sensed something terrible.

In fact, it appears that the senior students of Laihiala Academy have encountered the behemoth and most of the Knight Runners have wiped out!

Also, seems that one Knight Runner named Deitrich Knitz got so scared of the behemoth that he plans to run away.

And lo and behold, he really did run away as Deitrich would rather choose to live than to die in a losing battle.

That’s when Ernesti Echevalier caught up with Deitrich Knitz and decided to hijack his personal Silhouette Knight Guair.

Of course, Ernie will have to knock Deitrich out cold because he’s a prick to be honest.

So, Ernie managed to pilot Deitrich’s Silhouette Knight and with a little bit of programming, he managed to control Guair despite his short stature.

Heck, he uses his Gun-like Rods to control the Guair much like he’s emulating Garrod Ran from After War Gundam X.

For those who haven’t watched that show, Gundam X is a good series set in a post-apocalyptic world. Also, the titular Gundam X uses the G-controller to pilot the mobile suit and use the satellite cannon, much like you’re seeing it right now with Ernie and his rods.

So with that aside, seems that Ernie got accustomed to the Guair that he’s one with the Silhouette Knight!

And the first thing he did as a rookie Knight Runner is to thrust his sword at the behemoth with reckless abandon.

Eventually, Ernie managed to stab Guair’s sword into the behemoth’s left eye.

While thrusting into battle without a plan is not a good thing, I think Ernesti has a plan to beat this demon beast.

Meanwhile, seems that Deitrich woke up and instead of telling Ernie to get out of his Silhouette Knight, he’s screaming like a little girl as Deitrich wants to get outta here.

Y’know what, I think he needs to stay asleep or help Ernesti on beating the behemoth…

…as he got out of the cockpit and conducts his offensive magic Air Bullet. What does it do? Well, it’s gonna be a complicated explanation.

Basically, what he did was Ernie used the sword that was stuck on the behemoth’s left eye as a lightning rod, therefore channeling the Air Bullet magic from the sword and towards the nervous system of the beast.

So yeah, it might be a complicated procedure, but what Ernie did was he fried both the behemoth’s brain and the mana crystal until the beast is dead from the inside!

Anyways, looks like the behemoth goes down thanks to a mere pint-sized rookie/mecha otaku named Ernesti Echevalier.

Come to think of it, I feel that Ernesti is becoming like Tatsuya Shiba regarding his genius status, all thanks to his programming experience and his love for mecha anime.

And here’s Ernie as he got out of the Guair together with Deitrich Knitz, who is pretty much knocked out cold after a wild ride with the rookie Knight Runner.

Then again, it appears that Ernie will have to explain his senior students on why did he hijack Deitrich’s Silhouette Knight. Well then, Ernesti might be the hero today but his efforts might attract some people who are jealous of him.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Knight’s and Magic! While piloting the Guair is fun, Ernie wants to build his own Silhouette Knight in the future…

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