Symphogear AXZ Episode #02

Well, it appears that the alchemists from the Bavarian Illuminati are interested on this human-size relic from Val Verde.

This is called Tiki and as of this moment, there’s no information regarding this human popsicle of a relic! On the other hand, the Bavarian Illuminati knows about Finé as they consider her as an adversary over control of the heretic technology. But since Finé is finally dead, nothing can stop Saint-Germain and her two alchemists from enacting a new world order using relics!

Now then, let’s move onto what’s important right now as the Bavarian Illuminati take on Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s group.

Sure that they had their last LiNKER drug, but Maria can still fight together with Shirabe Tsukuyomi…

…and Kirika Akatsuki. Who cares if they’re on a time limit, these girls can still kick ass and take names against these Alca-Noises!

And speaking of Maria Cadenzavna Eve, looks like she’s ready for her final attack as Maria’s knives spin around like a tornado…

…and tries to destroy this snake god/dragon called Yohualtepoztli where Saint-Germain summoned it back in the previous episode.

While Maria’s Tornado Impact is impressive, seems that she made a dent onto Yohualtepoztli.

Worst of all, it turns out that Yohualtepoztli is indestructible as it can phase in and out by creating multiple dimensions surrounding this snake god.

Yes, it’s complicated but it appears that Maria couldn’t afford to use her remaining energy to take down Yohualtepoztli!

Well, looks like it’s time for Maria and her friends to get outta here as Kirika and Shirabe took both SONG operatives, and leap down towards the mountains until they land something safe like a train for example!

Meanwhile, it appears that the head honcho of the Val Verde military regime held civilians as hostages.

Oh, and he’s planning to kill all of them unless the likes of Tsubasa and Chris let this bastard go.

Seriously, having this military general getting away with all that heretic technology is very dangerous… unless the Alca-Noises decided to turn on this generalissimo and kill him off!

Fortunately, seems that we have a hero as this young boy named Stefan Vilena kicked a soccer ball towards the head of this deranged general!

Well, Stefan deserves a medal for his bravery despite being surrounded by Alca-Noises.

Anyways, this gives Hibiki a chance to destroy the Alca-Noises and free the hostages through her fists and kicks!

I have to say that all of her training from Genjuro Kazanari has already paid off and damn, Hibiki Tachibana can fight like a black belt.

However, it appears that our hero Stefan got trapped while rescuing the girl.

Worst of all, it appears that one of his legs got caught by the Alca-Noise. Oh boy, not like this!

And here’s Chris Yukine as she’s hesitating on how to rescue Stefan. I mean, the worst situation is where he got disintegrated by the enemy. I’ll tell you the aftermath later…

Now let’s go back to SONG’s mobile headquarters as Sakuya Fujitaka and Aoi Tomosato are finally safe. Oh, and they managed to record data from Tiki as it’ll be important later on.

Also, seems that Carol or rather Elfnein has returned as she’s still cute as ever after merging both bodies at the end of Symphogear GX.

Of course, Elfnein tries to analyze regarding Dr. Ver’s LiNKER drug formula as Maria’s group used the last one. Since that crazy doctor is dead back in Episode 12 of GX, recreating the drug will be a tall order!

And now we go back to Tsubasa Kazanari as she told Commander Genjuro that the general has been apprehended. However, there’s a casualty…

Turns out that Stefan Vilena lost his right leg after Chris Yukine shoot it to free him from being turned to dust.

So while his life is safe, it appears that Stefan’s future football career is over now that his right leg has been forcefully amputated. I mean, we can’t help it when there’s a tough situation on whether to save someone’s life or not.

Oh yeah, and here’s Sonya Vilena as she blamed Chris for taking away one of her brother’s leg.

By the way, Chris Yukine knows Sonya Vilena when she was just a child. However, she blamed Sonya for her parents’ death by not stopping the bomb from exploding.

But you know what, I feel that Chris Yukine’s road towards recovery and normalcy will be a long one as she now has to reconcile with Sonya Vilena.

Then again, they blame each other for losing something precious towards their respective loved ones!

Now let’s go back to the battle between the Bavarian Illuminati and Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s group as Cagliostro tries to summon Yohualtepoztli because it’s easier to have a homunculus snake god/dragon to take care of these Symphogear users.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Cagliostro is voiced by Shouta Aoi, who is a male seiyuu. Well, the reason why a guy is voicing a woman is because Cagliostro was once a man.

As for Maria Cadenzavna Eve however, she has other plans as Maria decided not to use her Airgetlám…

…and instead used her fists towards Cagliostro’s beautiful face. Well, there goes her years of sex reassignment surgery through the power of alchemy.

Honestly, Cagliostro is pissed now that she has a blemish on her face thanks to Maria!

Meanwhile, both Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki take on Prelati as this pint-size alchemist can hold these two Symphogear users on her own.

Well, seems that Shirabe and Kirika will have to ignore Prelati for the time being…

…as they need to take the plane off the ground now that its landing gear is busted. Fortunately for the pilots, Kirika and Shirabe will help them fly away.

All they need to do is to use their respective relics, Igalima and Shul Shagana, as a makeshift catapult and slingshot the airplane until it can fly safely.

Then again, since the airplane don’t have landing gear, I guess the pilots will have to do a crash landing instead.

And so, the plane went off the ground and managed to fly above this building thanks to Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi!

Sadly, it appears that the effect of the LiNKER drug has ran out, which means that Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe are pretty much vulnerable.

With that said, Cagliostro has an opportunity to kill Maria and her friends off with her Yohualtepoztli…

…which is bigger and stronger than ever. And coupled with Yohualtepoztli’s ability to phase in and out when it takes a hit, this dragon/snake god is unstoppable.

Unfortunately for Cagliostro, Yohualtepoztli was defeated when a certain Hibiki Tachibana punched right through it! So much for its immortality…

Well then, seems that Cagliostro will have to fight Hibiki on the next episode now that her precious homunculus snake god got beaten by a mere Symphogear user.

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