Tenshi no 3P! Episode #01

This is another Dengeki Bunko anime adaptation based on Sagu Aoyama’s latest light novel series, where the main character Kyo Nukui is a hikikomori yet he’s known for releasing music under the name of HibikiP.

Of course, since this show is based on Sagu Aoyama’s works, expect a certain element that’s considered to be his signature style…

And that would be loli characters because Sagu Aoyama is known for making one, much like his previous series Ro-Kyu-Bu! where it combines lolis with basketball. By the way, I didn’t watch both seasons of Ro-Kyu-Bu! so this would be my first time watching one of Aoyama’s works.

Anyways, Kyo Nukui got a message to meet this girl at a local park. This is Jun Gotou who asked Kyo to help her something after hearing one of his music demos.

Yes, he couldn’t believe that a shy young girl is asking him for assistance. Then again, Kyo might get arrested for interacting with a minor!

Also joining Jun Gotou are her two friends, starting with Nozomi Momijidani who is the ojou-type. C’mon, she acts like a princess!

And lastly, here’s Sora Kaneshiro who is the sleepy-type. Come to think of it, Sora’s “nom” tic is kinda cute. Then again, I’m not into lolis as I’m into busty girls!

But anyways, it turns out that Jun and her friends asked Kyo-san for help because they want to hold a concert at their local orphanage. Because of Nukui’s musical talent, the girls want him to act as their mentor and producer.

Well, I have to say that the premise of Tenshi no 3P! reminds me of both BanG Dream and K-On! as it revolves around girls playing rock band instruments. Still, I’m hoping that Tenshi no 3P! would be a decent show to watch. Then again, it’s about lolis playing musical instruments and I don’t know whether I could watch it seriously or not!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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