NEW GAME!! Episode #01

Hello everyone, and this favorite Manga Time Kirara title has returned for another season! This is NEW GAME! where you have Aoba Suzukaze working at a game company called Eagle Jump.

So while she’s part of the team that brought you the fantasy RPG Fairies Story 3, Aoba’s personality still hasn’t changed but she’s still improving a lot and that’s what counts! Sadly though, there’s no new hires for this season ’cause Eagle Jump is a small company.

Of course, there are things that haven’t changed like Kou Yagami who sometimes sleep under her table…

…with only her panties. Yeah, seems that she’s wearing a different color this time around!

However, I think Aoba Suzukaze should get used to this since she’s employed to Eagle Jump for more that 6 months or a year.

Never mind, seems that Aoba is concerned that Yagami-san is wearing only her panties when it’s not office hours.

Good thing there are no guys employed in Eagle Jump or Kou Yagami might get assaulted, something that Rin Touyama don’t want that to happen!

Also, here’s Hajime Shinoda and Yun Iijima as while they’re taking it easy, both Hajime and Yun are eager to join a new game project down the line.

Then again, Hajime Shinoda wants to propose a game based on tokusatsu because she loves it. Of course, that would depend on Shizuku Hazuki’s decision.

Lastly, here’s Hifumi Takimoto as she’s worried that the newcomers would bully her. Oh silly Hifumi, there are no new hires today!

So while the employees are just chilling for the time being, they’re looking forward for Eagle Jump’s next game project.

And what a better way to start the ball rolling is a character design contest…

…as Shizuku Hazuki will announce it after office hours. Y’know I think the character design contest will be an opportunity for Aoba-chan to show her design skills after working in Fairies Story 3!

For now, she’s just strolling around the office thinking about the specs for the next game. I hope Hazuki-san will stick to the desired specs for the entire project or Umiko Ahagon will get mad at her!

On the other hand though, seems that Hazuki-san was thrilled that she saw Takimoto’s hidden smile that she wanted to take a photo of it.

Seriously though, I think Shizuku should focus on the specs or Umiko might put a pellet onto her forehead!

One last thing, here’s Nene Sakura as she’s searching for something through her sniper scope. Oh silly girl!

That’s until Umiko Ahagon sneaked onto her in which Nene got scared a bit! Don’t worry though, Umiko doesn’t have a gun to point at Nene’s face!

Oh yeah, it seems that Nene Sakura is planning to become a game programmer someday after working at Eagle Jump. Then again, Umiko told Nenecchi that while she has potential, I think she needs to work on her debugging skills in order for her game program to work smoothly.

But hey, it’s a nice start to this second season of NEW GAME! Can’t wait for next week’s episode…

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