Re:CREATORS Episode #15

Well, I have to say that Selesia Yupitilia and the rest are surprised to see a character appearing in the real world.

This is Hikayu Hoshikawa, one of the heroines from the visual novel “The Milky Way of a Starry Sky”. Basically, she’s your typical girl without powers or anything special… except for showing her panties. LOL!

Oh yeah, here’s Blitz Talker as he’s reminiscing of his days as a detective in “code.Babylon”, including the time where Blitz is forced to kill his own daughter just to save the whole world. Yeah, it’s devastating!

One more thing, looks like Blitz Talker found a fellow character who just arrived in the real world…

This is Shou Hakua, the protagonist of “Lockout Ward underground-dark night” and Yuuya Mirokuji’s rival.

Unlike Yuuya however, Shou still has his Stand/Persona-like partner named Bayard. By the way, it’s called Astra Double in his world. Anyways, Shou Hakua is here to settle the score against Yuuya Mirokuji!

Meanwhile, Magane Chikujouin is just chilling out after taking a bath and swigging a carton of milk!

Oh yeah, Magane owned an apartment now… by screwing people over with her lies. C’mon, she’s a dangerous person next to Altair!

By the way, Chikujouin got an unexpected visitor in the form of Alisteria February as she’s asking Magane for help… by confronting a certain girl and entertain her in order to make it “more fun” for everyone.

Really Alisteria, I don’t think that asking Magane for assistance would be a good idea ’cause she’s a fuckin’ troll! No wonder Meteora Estherreich called you a muscle-brained knight. On the other hand, it’ll be interesting to see Magane Chikujouin take on Altair if what Alisteria February said is true.

Meanwhile, Aoi Kikuchihara invited Naoya “Gai” Takarada from “Alisteria of the Scarlet” to collaborate with the rest of the creators.

Then again, Takarada’s creation Alisteria February is on the loose though and she’s recently collaborated with Magane Chikujouin. Basically, Alisteria’s participation in the Elimination Chamber Festival is skeptical.

Also, Kikuchihara found Hikayu Hoshikawa’s creator in the form of Nishio Onishi. His inclusion is in doubt as well other than Souta Mizushino for example.

While Souta-kun is working hard on making a story that’ll fit into the Elimination Chamber Festival project, Nishio is just freaking annoying in my opinion.

So much that when he met Hikayu-chan, Onishi wants to marry his own character in which Hoshikawa rejected him. Seriously, Nishio Onishi needs some freakin’ restraint plus some whipping from Aoi Kikuchihara, just to force him into revising Hikayu Hoshikawa into a stronger character.

Then again, since Hikayu-chan came from a visual novel, revising her would be pretty difficult unless some fans created a fandisc dedicated to Hoshikawa. Wait a minute, is Onishi trying to let the fans revise Hikayu-chan? I don’t think it’ll work!

Lastly, seems that Blitz Talker wants to protect Altair as much as he can, because Blitz reminds the military-clad princess as his deceased daughter Erina.

However, Altair is fine on her own as the military-clad princess’ powers are growing thanks to her fans. Hell, she’s got some clairvoyance abilities of some sort.

But anyways, Altair told Blitz Talker to sit out for the time being. Gotta say that she’s considerate towards Blitz, but let’s just say that Altair wants to fight on her own now. Seriously, why she need to fight alone when Altair has allies?

With that said, I’ll see you next time for more Re:CREATORS as there would be more characters poppin’ up in the real world!

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