Sakurada Reset Episode #15

Well, I have to say that Honoka Katagiri is suffering because of her loneliness, despite creating Chiruchiru as her companion/god.

Y’know what, time for Kei Asai to relieve Honoka’s loneliness once and for all!

Anyways, Kei Asai has returned to the real world and he was informed by the doctor that Katagiri’s life signs are weakening.

Looks like time is of the essence for Asai as he must save Katagiri right now or she might not wake up again.

Meanwhile, Seika Nono met the old man from the Stray Cat House as he’s bedridden in the real world. It’s sad that he told Seika to forget about him, but she can’t do that because Nono owed her life for the old man.

On the other hand, Seika Nono told the old man that he should meet with Honoka Katagiri in the dream world, which will happen later…

For now, Kei Asai commenced his plan on saving Katagiri from her despair. And the first thing he’ll do is by ordering Misora Haruki to perform a reset.

Anyways, Kei-kun went to the dream world after a reset and went to see Honoka-chan. Yes, this is one part of his plan as Asai asked Sumire Souma for help too…

…as she told Chiruchiru to help Kei-kun on saving Honoka Katagiri and preserving the dream world from being destroyed.

Sure that he was created by Honoka to be the god of the dream world, but Chiruchiru needs to be responsible for his creator. Then again, I’m doubtful about Chiruchiru’s assistance however.

Anyways, it seems that Michiru has met her own monster, who is none other than Honoka Katagiri’s true persona.

Yes, Honoka believes that the dream world she created is somewhat twisted and not real, all thanks to the Bureau for not giving her a companion to talk with. Now, Michiru will have to confront her true identity up close!

But not today though as Kei Asai managed to rescue her from the monster. Then again, I wonder what Chiruchiru’s role will be?

Meanwhile, here’s Sumire as she watched Kei-kun from a distance. On the other hand, I’m curious to see what’s her relationship with Asai after agreeing to help him.

Also, here’s Misora Haruki as she confronted her friend, asking Souma on her objective towards Asai. Although Sumire won’t answer her question, Misora told her friend not to get close with Kei-kun.

Come to think of it, I feel that Sumire Souma has some feelings towards Kei Asai that she can’t tell about it, not even Misora Haruki!

But now, let’s go back to Kei Asai as he was eaten by Honoka’s own monster unfortunately.

Damn, why it has to end like this? He was supposed to save Honoka, not get eaten by her own creation!

As for Honoka, it seems that she’s devastated that her savior is dead in front of her eyes. She could ask Chiruchiru for help, but where is that blue bird/god when Katagiri is suffering at the moment?

That’s until the old man from the Stray Cat House showed up as he wanted to rescue Honoka Katagiri. Well, Seika Nono told him about it!

Anyways, the old man told Honoka that a god smiles for everyone while the devil smiles for himself/herself. Sure that most simple-minded people won’t understand it, but this gives Michiru/Honoka the opportunity to redeem herself and accept reality.

With that said, time for Honoka to wake up from her dream as she told Chiruchiru that it’s over now!

As for Chiruchiru, it seems that he’s just standing there and doing nothing. Really Chiruchiru, you’re not as helpful as I thought…

Well then, it seems that Honoka Katagiri has managed to wake up from her deep slumber, and now she’s visiting the old man from the Stray Cat House ever since. Glad that Honoka accepted the old man instead of staying away from him as he needs some company!

One last thing, here’s Sumire Souma as she’s talking to someone else…

Someone like Kei Asai as he’s alive after being eaten by Honoka’s monster. Oh yeah, and Sumire told Kei that she loves him.

Then again, Asai prefer Misora Haruki over Sumire Souma in which she was very devastated upon hearing that. Still, that doesn’t stop Sumire on pursuing Kei-kun, even as far as antagonizing Misora which I feel that she might develop yandere tendencies in the future!

And that’s about it for this story arc. While I’m not sure whether Honoka can go back to her dream world, but I’m glad that she finally accepts reality and managed to befriend the old man. Still, I blame the Bureau for isolating her, as well as Chiruchiru for his inaction. With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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