Knight’s and Magic Episode #03

Here’s the current king of Fremmevira Kingdom, Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira. As you can see, he’s interested on the young boy named Ernesti Echevalier after killing a behemoth by himself (by stealing Guair for Deitrich Knitz).

And while the kingdom tries to keep a low profile on Ernie, King Ambrosius wants to give the young hero a reward as he invited Ernie at Fremmevira’s capital city of Kankkunen.

And so, Ernesti Echevalier mustered his courage to tell King Ambrosius… that he wants to learn the inner workings of the Ether Reactor ’cause Ernie wants to build a Silhouette Knight of his own!

Of course, the royal court is shocked on his wish but this is Ernesti Echevalier, a young boy who loves mechas and he’ll do anything to build one as a hobby.

Now then, let’s go right away with Ernesti Echevalier examining Guair. C’mon, even a mecha with exposed skeletal frame is fine too!

See, Ernie loves what he seeing that David Hepken, the dwarf who helped Ernesti on creating his gun-like rod, got a little bit grossed-out over his fetish.

In any case, Ernie has plans to improve the Silhouette Knights in preparation for creating his own. After all, he experienced piloting the Guair in the previous episode and Ernie feels that the current line of mechas will need drastic upgrades.

And by the way, here’s Deitrich Knitz as he’s making a long face after last week’s episode. Well, he got scared for his dear life that Ernesti took over the controls of his Silhouette Knight.

On the other hand, Deitrich’s face reminds me of a certain blonde asshole. Someone like Riser Phenex from Highschool DxD post-Season 1 (or post-Volume 2). But seriously, Deitrich Knitz needs to snap out of his depression!

So first things off, Ernie implemented a new type of Crystal Tissue where individual strands are bundled up and twisted, much like the same way as a rope or let’s say that it’s similar to a human muscle strand.

This method will make the Silhouette Knights move efficiently and increase output without wasting mana.

Thanks to Ernesti’s research, David is very impressed that he thanked Batson Tendony for befriending a genius from the Echevalier family.

By the way, Batson was another friend to Ernie in which he saved the dwarf from bullies back in Episode 1.

Next up, Ernie developed smaller versions of Silhouette Knights called Silhouette Gears. This is perfect for Archid and Adeltrud Walter as they use it for training purposes until they can step up to pilot the Silhouette Knights.

As expected from Ernesti Echevalier, he made something for his friends to use. Of course, I think it needs a helmet for protection. I mean, Silhouette Gears are souped-up suits of knight armors.

And finally, he also developed a pair of Silhouette Arms in the back of Helvi’s Trandorkis, now known as Telestale.

Basically, what these Silhouette Arms do is hold rods on each arm, making them impromptu shoulder cannons.

And here’s Helvi Oberg as she’s impressed on the improvements that Ernesti made to her Silhouette Knight. Well then, looks like it’s time to test it out…

…by challenging Edgar C. Blanche to a duel where Helvi’s Telestale started the offensive by throwing fireballs at Edgar’s Earlcumber. Gotta say that he’s caught off-guard with Helvi’s improved Silhouette Knight.

Anyways, the offensive continues as Telestale overwhelmed Earlcumber with no chance to counter-attack.

Unfortunately, Helvi’s attacks has stopped when the mana of her Telestale has ran out. Looks like the test Knight Runner almost got a victory over Edgar C. Blanche.

As for Helvi Oberg, looks like her Silhouette Knight will need some adjustments. But hey, all I can say is that Ernesti Echevalier’s Silhouette Arms worked as intended.

Anyways, Ernesti is happy that he’s making progress on improving some of the Silhouette Knights in order to build his own.

As expected from this mecha otaku, Ernie put a lot of effort on his work that everyone is very impressed on him!

Well, except for this dwarf as he’s somewhat acting suspicious. I wonder why he’s so glued to Ernesti’s research and development?

Well, turns out that the suspicious dwarf is a spy to this femme fatale and I bet that she wants to steal Ernesti Echevalier for a rival country or mysterious organization. Then again, would it be better if she kidnap Ernie instead of doing espionage.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that it’s smooth-sailing for Ernesti Echevalier and his friends!

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