Tenshi no 3P! Episode #02

Hey everyone as I continue from the previous episode starting with an introduction to Sakura Toriumi, one of Kyo Nukui’s classmates who wants him to attend school instead of staying home.

Of course, Kyo has some anxiety issues that it’s hard for him to attend high school. I wonder if Kyo Nukui got bullied back in middle school or something?

Regardless, Sakura will have to wait for Kyo to resolve his anxieties… by helping lolis on making a successful concert at the Little Wing orphanage!

Speaking of lolis, there’s another one in the form of Kyo’s sister Kurumi. Yeah, this pic is very unsafe!

Forget what I said, this pic is ultimately unsafe for work. I mean, you have Kyo Nukui taking a bath with Kurumi-chan and he’ll probably get arrested for that!

By the way, Kurumi Nukui is a talented pianist and it’s sad that Kyo’s sister overshadowed him. Maybe in the future, I hope this show will explain why he has an inferiority complex or something that depresses him.

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene as Kyo Nukui went to the Little Wing orphanage, just to help Jun Gotou and her friends to promote their concert and improve their skills on playing their respective instruments.

However, neither of these two weren’t tackled on this occasion…

Instead, Jun Gotou and Sora Kaneshiro decided to show their fetish costumes towards Kyo-kun. From school swimsuits to bloomers, it’s a man’s dream to see these kinds of clothes!

Then again, we’re talking about lolis here so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyo Nukui got arrested for pedophilia. Dammit, Aoyama-sensei!

Oh and to add more fuel to the fire, here’s Nozomi Momijidani as she only wears her panties and an apron.

Basically, she’s topless and Sora-chan flashed her panties in front of Kyo-nii! I have no words on Sora’s prank.

So out of embarrassment, Zomi-chan tries to strip Jun-chan just to get even. Ah seriously, this situation is getting worse!

Heck, it won’t be a matter of time before the owner of the orphanage comes in. Well, he’s speechless upon seeing this. But don’t worry though as it’s all just a misunderstanding so Kyo Nukui is safe… for now!

Anyways, this is Masayoshi Sawatari who is a former priest/rock musician and now the current caretaker of these three girls. Also, here’s aware of Kyo’s musical talents that he’s impressed with it. However, Sawatari told Nukui that he should stop the girls from doing a concert ’cause it turns out that Masayoshi-san wanted to sell the orphanage and have the remaining girls get adopted by childless parents. In fact, Sawatari is worried that the girls might get hurt upon getting a low attendance at their own concert.

Well, seems that Kyo-kun is in a difficult situation that he’s torn over helping the girls or stopping them before it gets worse. Either way, let’s hope that Nukui found a third option if he could find one! Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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