NEW GAME!! Episode #02

This is Kou Yagami as she was selected to be the character designer despite being a fresh employee at that time.

In fact, Shizuku Hazuki was impressed at Kou-san’s work that she put Yagami as a character designer for the eventual role-playing game series named Fairies Story.

Now let’s go back to the present as Eagle Jump is hosting a contest to see who’ll be the character designer for the next game project.

Of course, most of them are excited to join the contest like Hajime Shinoda, others like Yun Iijima are feeling a bit worried that their skills are not enough to become a character designer. Y’know, Yun-san should step up their game instead of sticking to what they currently have!

Anyways, time for the character design contest as Aoba Suzukaze showed her designs, although the last one that she made is just for fun.

Heck, even Aoba-chan is embarrassed that her last character was shown instead the rest.

However, Shizuku-san was impressed on how unique the last character that Aoba showed by accident. In fact, Hazuki told Suzukaze to improve her character in order to be more refined.

Well, seems that Hazuki found some hidden talent in Eagle Jump and I gotta say that Suzukaze has some potential!

Unfortunately, some people are pretty disappointed. Case in point, here’s Kou Yagami as she lashed her frustration at Aoba-chan on how her character designs are no different from her previous ones.

Uh Yagami, I feel that you shouldn’t get angry at Suzukaze just because your character designs aren’t unique compared to the ones from Fairies Story 3.

And here’s Aoba-chan as she’s crying that Yun Iijima tries to comfort her junior.

Well, I hope that it won’t go downhill from there as you have Aoba Suzukaze trying to reach her dreams of becoming a character designer.

Meanwhile, here’s Rin Touyama as she tries to talk it out with her best friend Kou Yagami.

Sure that Yagami admits that she’s an idiot for being a mean senior to Suzukaze, but Touyama told her that she needs her advice to guide Aoba-chan in the right direction.

And lo and behold, looks like Kou Yagami apologized to Aoba-chan for her actions and help Suzukaze on her character design. After all, it’s a team effort if you want a game to be successful!

Eventually, they worked together to refine one of Aoba’s design into something that Shizuku Hazuki would definitely approve it.

As you can see, the design of this character who wears a bear suit is better than the original draft by Aoba-chan. You may thanked Yagami-san for adding some refined touches!

Well, I guess that Hazuki and her fellow executives are impressed by both employees that they made Suzukaze and Yagami as the character designers for the next game project.

Gotta say that this episode got a happy ending now that both Kou-san and Aoba-chan are friends again! After all, Suzukaze looks up to Yagami on reaching her dreams as a game designer.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week as Eagle Jump will start making their next game!

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