Sakurada Reset Episode #16

Here’s Masamune Urachi as while he’s planning to question Kei Asai over his exploits at the dream world, Masamune-san got a call from a certain girl with future sight…

Yes, I’m talking about Sumire Souma as she’s the second Witch and Souma knows Urachi’s next plan. Of course, Sumire won’t tell him ’cause it’s a spoiler!

Anyways, time for the school festival as I’ll start things off with Tomoki Nakano, who plays a bass guitar for his band.

Too bad that I want Takuya Eguchi to sing on this scene. What a disappointment!

Also, here’s Kei Asai as he’s joined by Youka Murase. Nice to see Murase returned for this story arc.

Of course, Youka asked Kei-kun on why he left Misora by herself at the festival. Well, Asai told Murase that she’s practicing for a stage play. Still, Haruki acting with a dull expression is weird.

Now then, seems that Kei-kun invited Misora Haruki at the rooftop (thanks to Tomoki no less) as he wants to talk about something important to her. But first of all, Haruki admits that she hates Sumire Souma as she’s planning to take Asai away from her.

Of course, Kei-kun told Sumire in the previous episode that he prefer Misora over her but anyways, looks like he’s starting to fall in love with Haruki now that she’s expressing more.

And what did you know, Misora Haruki naturally smiled. I have to say that she really love Kei-kun!

But seriously though, Misora hating Sumire would spell bad news especially when I fear about taking the Nice Boat approach!

Meanwhile, looks like Sumire Souma has met Masamune Urachi and his partner as they discuss something shady. Well, it turns out that they both hate the Bureau for controlling ability users in Sakurada.

However, it seems that Masamune’s vendetta against the Bureau is a more personal one as he wants to get rid of all abilities in this town. Why? Because Urachi can cancel his own memories which is the opposite of Kei Asai. Of course, why Masamune-san wanted to erase every ability in Sakurada in the first place other than his own ability is a mystery though…

Still, what Masamune Urachi wanted is that he wanted his grand plan to succeed and Sumire assured him that it’ll go off without a hitch, which Masamune’s female assistant Sakuin-san confirmed that Sumire is not lying. So while there’s some extra assurance, there’s 1% chance that Urachi’s grand scheme might fail horribly!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and I believe that both Masamune Urachi and Sumire Souma are the biggest threat to Kei Asai and his friends!

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