Gamers! Episode #02

Hey everyone, we have another character who are basically normies: Tasuku Uehara and his girlfriend Aguri!

Yeah, they sure got a bit close to each other… real close! Gotta say that those virgins want these two to explode ’cause they’re jealous.

But let’s talk about Tasuku Uehara as he’s just a cool-looking person… who’s good at video games, even crane games!

And this is where Keita Amano got interested towards Tasuku. Yeah, he’s a gamer and when Keita saw someone playing video games, he’s thrilled!

So with that in mind, Uehara invited Amano to play a fighting game upstairs…

…which turned out to be Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, presented by Atlus and Arc System Works!

Well, I have to say that Gamers! is promoting ArcSys games, which is great because they’re making Dragon Ball FighterZ at the moment. Now if only this show featured Bandai Namco, SNK, Square Enix, etc.

But anyways, let’s jump into the conclusion of their fight between Amano and Uehara as the former got decimated.

He might not be mashing buttons compared to Tasuku’s girlfriend, but Keita sucks at competitive games. It’s no wonder that he doesn’t want to join the video game club in the first place.

Well then, looks like Keita-kun is done playing with Tasuku as he wants to leave right away because of Uehara’s normie friends. Yeah, a dweeb hanging out with a cool person is not good to some people.

And this is where Uehara lashed out at Amano for stereotyping him due to being associated with cool and trendy people. In truth, Tasuku Uehara wasn’t a cool person to begin with as he was once a video game nerd back in middle school and his peers mocked him!

Anyways, Tasuku told Keita-kun that he sucked at playing and the video game club is nothing but trash.

That drove Amano to push Uehara towards the edge of the overpass as he fought back against Tasuku for talking shit on the video game club, much like how you talk shit towards certain games like Street Fighter V, No Man’s Sky, etc. By the way, I don’t own those games that I mentioned!

But yeah, it’s very clear that Keita Amano is so passionate about video games that he won’t accept anyone trashing it (only a few exceptions though). Well, at least Tasuku got the message and now Keita should let him go now!

On the other hand though. Karen Tendou was astonished on Keita’s speech that she wants him to join the video game club no matter what.

Still, Tasuku Uehara felt that some students like Tendou and Amano are weird. But you know what, I think Uehara should accept his love for video games just like before!

And one last thing, it seems that there’s another reveal at the end of this episode, as it turns out that Tasuku’s girlfriend Aguri was once a plain-looking girl back in middle school and she’s in love with Uehara back them. Yeah, now that there’s more reason for singles to lash this couple out. But you know what, I’m glad that Aguri loved Tasuku from the day he gave her a plushie at the arcade during his middle school years!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode and I’ll see you next time for more product placements and I’m hoping that Amano joins the club. I mean, Tendou is very desperate on recruiting him!

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