Sakura Quest Episode #16

Here’s a random picture to start things off on Episode 16 as the girls are watching Oden Detective, the show where Maki Midorikawa played a minor character.

Yeah, both Yoshino Koharu and Sanae Kouzuki are enjoying the show much to Maki’s chargin’!

That’s until they found Ushimatsu Kadota as he got out of the hospital and drives a car as he wants to pull something out of the river. Really, now I’m curious to see why Kadota wanted to pull something out and hide it.

For now, it’s time for these ladies to carry him back to his room as Ushimatsu-san got a fever! Seriously, this man should need a straitjacket for once.

On the other hand, looks like Ririko Oribe found something from her grandmother’s photo desk, which she shared it to the rest of the royal court…

Turns out, it’s a picture of young Ushimatsu Kadota, Dr. Dokushima, and Chitose Oribe playing a band together!

Wow, it was a rare sight to see Kadota and Oribe rocking it out before the friendship went sour. I wonder what cause of their animosity though?

Heck, even Busujima remembers it quite well despite performing at Manoyama where only a few folks vaguely remember it.

Sucks that their band didn’t go big in their lifetime, but Dokushima still treasures it despite its shortcomings.

And speaking of shortcomings, staying in Manoyama is the reason why they’re being held back as the folks didn’t take notice of their band. So when Dokushima was accepted to a respectable university in Tokyo, Chitose plans to join him and Ushimatsu on realizing their dreams of becoming a successful rock back.

Well, I have to say that Chitose Oribe wanted to go to Tokyo and make big there together with her band-mates was a surprising revelation, considering that she disowned Ririko’s parents from moving out of Manoyama. On the other hand, why they didn’t go to Tokyo together when they have a chance?

Well, say hello to Ushimatsu Kadota as he stayed in Manoyama and made a ruckus during the Mizuchi Festival by riding on a shrine float, playing his guitar and singing in order to get noticed!

Unfortunately for him, his actions made it worse as the local folks pinned him down and not only that, but Kadota’s stupidity destroyed the shrine float until it sank to the bottom.

And yeah, I guess he regretted on his actions that it not only ruined his chance of becoming a successful musician together with Oribe and Dokushima, but Kadota ruined the Muzuchi Festival where Manoyama didn’t held it ever since.

Now I know why Manoyama went into ruins thanks to Ushimatsu-san’s actions, but he’s doing it because Kadota loves his hometown. It’s just that his actions has destroyed the charm of Manoyama that Chitose Oribe hated him after that incident! Oh yeah, I forgot that Chitose didn’t go to Tokyo in the end.

Oh yeah, and here’s Yoshino Koharu as she’s glad that Ushimatsu-san is okay. I mean, she’s worried that Kadota might hit the bucket.

Still, I feel that had Kadota didn’t destroy the Mizuchi Festival, Manoyama might be thriving right now albeit in small amounts due to being stuck in the middle of nowhere!

Anyways, looks like the river near Chupakabura Castle has finally drained and it appears that they found the shrine for Manoyama’s forgotten Mizuchi Festival.

Yeah, it’s seen better days right after Ushimatsu ruined everything.

And here are the foreign guests who are enjoying themselves. At least their trip didn’t end in a whimper, despite the fact that the Cryptid Twelve didn’t find a single Chupacabra in Manoyama.

Well then, looks like Queen Yoshino and her royal court have managed to entertain the foreigners as they leave to Hokkaido.

But you know what, I think that Yoshino Koharu wanted to revive the Mizuchi Festival now that she heard the story and saw the remains of the shrine float. Problem is that it’ll be hard to revive Manoyama’s forgotten festival unless she and her royal court have gathered the Three Sacred Treasures that scattered across Manoyama.

With that said, next episode will have Yoshino and her friends search for the sacred treasures. Then again, I think that those treasures no longer exist in Manoyama.

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