Symphogear AXZ Episode #03

Here are the alchemists of the Bavarian Illuminati as they’re here for a payback against the Symphogear users!

But not today though as Saint Germain’s group will have to flee for the time being. Well, that was anti-climactic!

But anyways, looks like Hibiki Tachibana and her friends are safe as they returned to Japan and enjoy their summer vacation. Well, except for Hibiki as she needs to attend summer classes.

Still, they’re hoping that the Val Verde citizens are safe as they went to another country for refuge. Let’s hope that they don’t land in the United States though…

Meanwhile, Saint-Germain went to her hiding place as she revives Tiki from her slumber…

…which turned out to be an Auto-Scorer. Unlike Carol’s Auto-Scorer, I feel that Tiki might be one of the first as she was encapsulated many years ago. Still, she looks like Hibiki down to her personality!

Also, looks like Tiki is calling the Lodgemaster where this mysterious person is glad that the Auto-Scorer is revived.

One more thing, it appears that the Lodgemaster wants to stop the Symphogear users and destroy their relics as it distorts humanity’s future. You may thank Finé for spreading relics far and wide that they become prevalent since the 2nd World War! Then again, I have some doubts that the Lodgemaster’s motives are just a farce to control the world.

Now then, let’s go back to Japan as the Symphogear users are transported into another world by the Bavarian Illuminati.

And right off the bat, they used their Ignite Module to power themselves up. Glad that Hibiki and her friends are using it when dealing with stronger foes on a regular basis.

However, even Dainsleif’s power couldn’t penetrate or even destroy these Alca-Noises as they regenerate faster that even Tsubasa Kazanari might tire herself up, making her vulnerable by the Alca-Noise’s deadly touch!

On the other hand, Elfnein suggested that they should find the source so that Hibiki and the other can escape from this alternate dimension.

The problem is that they couldn’t find the boss as the Symphogear users are being swarmed by stronger versions of Alca-Noise.

Fortunately though, Chris Yukine got an idea on how to locate the boss of this dimension as she blindly fires her Gatling guns…

…whose bullets contain mini speakers that can act as sonars should Chris-chan and her fellow Symphogear users continue singing!

And lo and behold, they manage to find the source of this dimension in the form of this giant Alca-Noise. Gotta say that Chris Yukine’s idea worked like a charm!

Now that Chris Yukine has found the boss of this dimension, it’s time for her to join both Tsubasa-san and Hibiki…

…as they combine their weapons to form this giant rocket sword called Trinity Resonance! How awesome is that?

And as you can see, this giant Alca-Noise didn’t stand a chance against the combined power of Hibiki, Tsubasa-san, and Chris-chan!

Anyways, the Symphogear users have returned to the real world after defeating the giant Alca-Noise.

As for the alchemists, they might have lost the battle but it seems that Saint-Germain’s experiment with the giant Alca-Noise is somewhat successful.

Much like Carol Malus Dienheim, the alchemists are getting the upper hand in future episodes of Symphogear AXZ. For now, I’ll see you on the next episode to find out what SONG is planning next to stop the Bavarian Illuminati.

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