Knight’s and Magic Episode #04

Well, seems that the improvements over the existing Silhouette Knights are getting a snag lately, due to mana management problems with the Telestale.

While Edgar C. Blanche suggested to add more Crystal Tissue, but that’ll make it more bulky and it’ll consume more mana. However, Ernesti Echevalier has a plan by improving the Ether Reactor, but that depends on King Ambrosius’ decision on whether to divulge secrets or not.

On the other hand though, seems that the Silhouette Gears are getting some improvements with Ernie creating attachments like a grappling hook gun and a crossbow.

And as you can see, Archid Walter was surprised that the crossbow can penetrate walls in rapid succession. Well, I gotta say that Ernie made a siege weapon into an assault one!

Meanwhile, seems that Ernesti and his friends were visited by the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit, a group of knights formed by Marquis Dixgard in which they’re interested on Ernesti Echevalier’s improvements over the existing Silhouette Knights.

So, they want the new units to be sent to Fort Casadesus so that their Marquis can take a look of it. Of course, going to Fort Casadesus is a bit challenging…

…as the path towards the fort is filled with demon beasts. You can say that the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit took an arm and leg to get to Laihiala Academy.

Fortunately for Edgar’s group, their Telestale can take on the shaker worms despite its mana deficiency.

And lo and behold, the shaker worms didn’t stand a chance to Telestale’s power.

As expected from Ernesti, these Silhouette Knights are gaining new ground in its 300-year development where a mere kid improve those shortcomings in a few months.

This prompted Marquis Dixgard to invite Ernie as he’s interested on taking Telestale as his own property. Well, this Marquis can take Ernesti’s machine ’cause for him, it’s just another step on making the best Silhouette Knight.

But you know what, it would be best if Marquis Dixgard work with Ernesti Echevalier to create the best machine for the Fremmevira Kingdom. Of course, Ernie needs some access to the Ether Reactor. Anyways, I’m hoping that they’ll have a good partnership.

However, it appears that Fort Casadesus’ nearest village Darie is being attacked by demon beasts, from killer bears to gorillas!

Oh, and it appears that the Order of the Bronze Fang are the ones who summoned those beasts. Are they thinking of baiting out Ernesti Echevalier just because he has knowledge on machines?

Well anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Ernie will be safe!

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