Symphogear AXZ Episode #04

This is Saint-Germain, living a rough life where she was abandoned by her aristocratic father while letting her mother die of starvation.

Yet despite living as a slave, Saint-Germain became one of the alchemists of the Bavarian Illuminati and she wants to get rid of all suffering by destroying relics. Not sure if it’s a great idea since her boss, the Lodgemaster, might be planning to rule over humanity once the deed is done.

Anyways, let’s go back to the present as SONG went to Matsushino where all the relics are stored there. Oh and to make it more secure, the relics are locked behind a code that was developed by the Germans during World War 2.

Yeah, seems that Japan is very touchy when it comes to protecting their relics. Anyways, Commander Genjuro Kazanari and his team are deciphering the code while the Symphogear users are guarding the convoy. That applies to Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine.

As for Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s group, they’re tasked on evacuating stranded civilians to safety as they can’t use their relics at the moments. It’s sucks that they don’t have a spare LiNKER drug to transform…

…especially when Cagliostro is here to harass them. Yeah, this transsexual alchemist is very feisty that she wants to fight Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe!

Not this time though as the three Symphogear users are retreating while rescuing an old lady. Yeah, they don’t want to risk their bodies to transform and take on Cagliostro and her Alca-Noises.

Instead, Hibiki and the rest will take care of this alchemist as she landed a palm strike against Cagliostro.

Well, that’s gotta hurt but it appears that Cagliostro will have to retreat for the time being. Because of this, there’s one person who’s very upset over the Bavarian Illuminati’s appearance.

That person happened to be Kamakura as he’s very influential when it comes to relics and he’s the caretaker of it, even if it’ll cost the lives of civilians in order to protect it.

Yeah, this old guy is a pain in the ass but Kamakura’s identity is still a mystery though…

Now then, looks like the alchemists have returned and this time, Saint-Germain and her companions are equipped with armor called Faust Robes.

And what does it do when they’re equipped with Faust Robes?

Well, here’s a demonstration as Saint-Germain fired a ball at Hibiki until it explodes like an air-burst grenade.

And here’s the result as Hibiki Tachibana got knocked out while the Ignite Module is no longer in effect.

I have to say that the alchemists studied their previous encounters with the Symphogear users and come up with a solution to negate Dainsleif’s power.

And to make matters worse for the Symphogear users, the Lodgemaster has finally arrived… buck naked! First was Finé and now this guy!?

Anyways, this is Adam Weishaupt and I have to say that he’s an asshole where I feel that he’ll screw over humanity once he’s done with the alchemists. On the other hand, does Adam looked like Kamakura?

Now then, it appears that Adam got bored and let out a giant fireball that has a power of a thousand suns!

Looks like Matsushino will have a huge gaping hole in their area and Kamakura doesn’t like that… unless Kamakura is actually Adam Weishaupt. It’s just speculation guys!

Fortunately for Hibiki and the rest, Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s group managed to rescue them even if it’ll strain their bodies after transformation. Seriously Elfnein, please make a LiNKER drug for them!

Anyways, looks like the Symphogear users will have to find new powers to combat the alchemists and their Faust Robes. I mean, Dainsleif’s power is already obsolete at this point.

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