NEW GAME!! Episode #03

Ah Hifumi Takimoto, she sure has a taste when it comes to clothes. It’s not surprising since Takimoto is an avid cosplayer despite her shyness.

But anyways, it’s time for Eagle Jump to kick-start their new game project as Aoba Suzukaze is eager to take notes from veteran employees and make her concept art a reality.

C’mon, she come a long way since making NPCs in Fairies Story 3, so having Aoba as the character design for the next game is an achievement… and it wouldn’t be possible without Kou Yagami’s help!

Unfortunately when it comes to the technical side of things as Yun Iijima joins the conversation, it seems that Aoba Suzukaze is being left out.

Sure that she’s not keen into textures, UV mapping, and 3D model optimization, but seeing Suzukaze like that is frustrating.

That’s why, Hifumi-sempai invited Aoba-chan for lunch. Don’t worry, it’s Takimoto’s treat!

Gotta say that Aoba has friends to lean on when there’s a problem. In fact, I think Suzukaze’s motivation has returned thanks to Takimoto.

Meanwhile, here’s Nene Sakura as she tries her hand on improving her C++ programming skill at the local library.

Too bad that when she tried to include the boss attack, the game crashed and Nenecchi is panicking on how to fix it.

Um Nene, you know how to debug your program since you got some part-time job experience at Eagle Jump. Umiko-san will be very disappointed at you!

And speaking of Umiko Ahagon, she’s trying her hand at inserting a code to one of the enemies. Heck, even Kou Yagami is watching Ahagon.

But alas, the game crashed as well. Hmm, was it a coincidence?

Regardless, both Nene and Umiko-san fixed the code and their respective programs didn’t hit a snag. Maybe in the future, they would collaborate in order to create the best game that’s optimized!

Lastly, here’s Shizuku Hazuki as she’s asking Umiko Ahagon on changing the specs of the game. C’mon, the new game needs to look impressive to appease newcomers and veterans!

However, that doesn’t please Ahagon quite a bit as she’s about to flick Hazuki’s forehead for her impossible request!

Yeah, that’s gotta hurt for Shizuku as Umiko’s forehead flick just knocked her out! Never mess with Ahagon when you’re bringing impossible requests that’ll deley the game’s release or have the game slow down into a buggy mess.

Anyways, looks like Eagle Jump’s newest game project is going smoothly so far. Let’s hope that they won’t hit some setback on the next episode!

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