Sakura Quest Episode #17

Hey guys, it’s time for the royal court to revive the Mizuchi Festival but they need to find all 3 sacred treasures to bring the festival back.

So when Yoshino Koharu and the girls approached the bookstore owner for some clues, he told them that there’s a professor living in Warabiya Village.

In any case, the girls went to Warabiya Village to see the professor who knows the history of Manoyama.

Then again, the place is so remote that you have to go there by riding a bus or in the case of Yoshino and her royal court, a sub-compact car.

Anyways, this is the Professor who knows about Manoyama’s history despite moving out there 20 years ago. On the other hand, the Professor was born and raised in Tokyo before moving into the countryside, but that doesn’t stop him from knowing about Manoyama from the inside out that he knows about the plans for reviving the Mizuchi Festival.

Then again, he won’t help those monkeys- I mean Queen Yoshino and her friends as the Professor thinks that reviving a dead festival won’t bring Manoyama from being relevant… not like the fiasco that happened during the Kingdom of Chupakabura’s foundation festival in which the visitors abandoned them in favor of Ptolemaios’s concert.

But not all is lost however as the Professor gave them a chance in exchange of finding the sacred treasures. What they’ll need to do is to solve Warabiya’s problems as the village is having a crisis.

Namely, the bus company has stop making trips to Warabiya Village and Takamizawa is in a bind right now. Guess that his looks won’t solve this one as the old folks blamed the bus company that he’s working on.

Also, some folks have tablets that were given by the local government. However, they don’t know how to use it as the old folks either use it as a flashlight or a weight to cover their cup ramen!

Well then, seems that it’s an opportunity for Yoshino Koharu and her royal court to teach these elderly people the wonders of the internet.

And so, they decided to guide these old folks on how to use their tablets to browse the internet, use the camera to record footage or broadcast live, all while telling them to be careful around trolls.

I mean, who wants to have trolls screwing old people over in this day of age?

Also, looks like Ushimatsu Kadota is back after staying at the hospital to recover from his wounds. Gotta say that he’s tough as balls.

Oh yeah, that guy sitting over there? That’s Gen and he’s here to collaborate with Sanae Kouzuki on creating a informational web show within Manoyama.

And here’s the show broadcasting in Not-YouTube, live from Manoyama. Gotta say that Queen Yoshino and her friends are creating an online community around Manoyama and they’re doing a great job of it.

However, it appears that the royal court found something that shocked them. And really, I think Sanae-san and the rest couldn’t believe what they saw…

Turns out, the old folks from Warabiya Village are having a riot in regards to the bus company of discontinuing the route from Manoyama to their village. Oh, and Yoshino Koharu is being held hostage. Don’t tell me that the Professor planned all of this after Yoshino and her friends teach the elderly on using their tablets and the power of internet?

Regardless on whether this situation is just as planned or not, the Kingdom of Chupakabura is in trouble! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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