Sakurada Reset Episode #17

Hey everyone, looks like Kei Asai is making a call to one of the characters returning for this episode…

…who is none other than Hitsuchi-kun as Kei wants to talk about Sumire Souma and her recent orders, which met with various incidents that happened when Asai and Haruki are near the vicinity.

Case in point, and here’s one example as Kei Asai and Misora Haruki burst into laughter at the supermarket. Turns out that someone activated his/her ability without knowing it, but was it a coincidence or it’s just that Sumire Souma planned it after ordering Kei-kun to go into various places and whatnot.

Oh yeah, and Asai sent Hitsuchi-kun a photo of Souma, which he suddenly remembered meeting Kei’s friend two years ago. Well, it’s surprising that Hitsuchi-kun knows about Sumire Souma in a snap where it’s revealed that his memories were altered at some point. But anyways, could it be that Sumire Souma faked her death all along? There’s so many questions about her that’s is very complicated at this point!

Speaking of Sumire Souma, seems that she lost her precognitive ability thanks to Eri Oka, which I suspect that she’s working with Masamune Urachi. I wonder what happened to Eri-chan however?

So while Sumire is now a normal girl, seems that Sumire wants to play with Kei-kun as she gives Asai her next order.

Lastly, Kei Asai went to the dream world to see Michiru and Chiruchiru for some answers about Sumire Souma. However, it turns out that both of them are frozen and only the blue bird survived the time stopping ability from one of Urachi’s personnel Kagaya. Well, that’s unfortunate and it seems that Masamune Urachi and his pals are one step ahead of him! I wonder what will the Bureau react to this treachery unless Urachi is manipulating them.

And speaking of Masamune Urachi, I feel that there’s more reason for him on getting rid of all special abilities in Sakurada as it has something to do about Masamune’s parents, who were the first ability users together with the first generation Witch. Maybe that Masamune is regretting about it and that’s why he wants to eliminate all abilities in Sakurada!

But anyways, looks like I’m done on this episode and it seems that Sumire Souma’s trolling continues… with the help from Masamune Urachi and his friends!

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