Gamers! Episode #03

Oh boy, looks like Tasuku Uehara made a kabedon towards Keita Amano. Y’know that Keita’s body wasn’t ready, right?

Still, I’m glad that they’re starting to become friends thanks to video games. Unfortunately for Tasuku, he’s mad that Keita’s recommendations are shitty at most.

On the other hand, looks like Amano is busy helping a player on his mobile game. Yeah, he’s a sucker when it comes to smartphone games that it’s no wonder why Keita didn’t want to join the video game club in the first place.

But you know what, I think that Amano needs another gaming buddy as Uehara recommends a person in another class…

This girl right here is Chiaki Hoshinomori as she’s a gamer and a loner just like Keita Amano. As you can see, she’s engrossed to playing a popular RPG called Aegis VIII.

So when Keita Amano approached her, Chiaki just got shy upon meeting Keita. I guess that she doesn’t want getting noticed unlike Karen Tendou.

Well, I have to say that this is the most awkward meeting between gamers so far!

But after some understanding, they come up with a conclusion as both Keita Amano and Chiaki Hoshinomori became buddies!

Man, I hope that they’ll start a beautiful friendship after this…

But that’s a pipe dream as it turned out that both Hoshinomori and Amano has some differences when it comes to tastes.

While Chiaki loves the Aegis VIII’s music, Keita loves the cute characters on that games. So much for their mutual understanding as gamers!

So, Tasuku Uehara stepped in to become a mediator between Chiaki and Keita-kun. Then again, Uehara becoming the middleman for this mess is not gonna work as their friendship between Hoshinomori and Amano might be finished!

On the other hand, Tasuku told Chiaki to change her appearance in order to look cute, which she’ll do it once her debate towards Keita-kun is over. However, there’s one girl who is not pleased with it…

Yeah, I’m talking about Aguri as she’s freaking jealous that someone is talking to Tasuku Uehara. Serious Aguri-san, calm the shit down, it’s not like Tasuku is cheating on you!

Also, here’s Karen Tendou as she’s also jealous that Keita is talking to Chiaki Hoshinomori.

Seriously Tendou, stop it and you’re bothering Eiichi Misumi about your jealousy towards Hoshinomori. *sigh* Let’s hope that it won’t escalate into something horrible!

Uh never mind, it appears that Hoshinomori took Uehara’s advice and ran away with it as she becomes a hottie!

Damn, and it’s just a short time that Chiaki transformed from an awkward girl into one of the cutest in Otobuki High School.

Heck, even Tasuku thinks that Chiaki’s current appearance looked cute compared to her previous one. Then again, I think there’s someone who’s not happy with Uehara’s comments on Hoshinomori…

Yeah, it’s Aguri-san as she’s shocked about Tasuku’s remarks that she ran away! Poor Aguri-san, I blame Uehara for hitting on girls by accident. What a stupid normie Uehara is!

Now then, let’s hope that next week’s episode will resolve this misunderstanding.

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