Re:CREATORS Episode #16

After a one-week break, Re:CREATORS is back and this time, Selesia Yupitilia and Souta Mizushino are here at the hot springs…

…together with their allies like Yuuya Mirokuji, Rui Kanoya, and Marine. Yeah, this is just a breather before the start of the Elimination Chamber Festival!

And since that this episode takes place at the hot springs, expect some characters bathing like these three guys after working day and night to create the best cross-over ever!

Hats off to Masaaki Nakanogane, Takashi Matsubara, and Ryo Yatoji for a job well done and they can’t wait for the viewers’ reaction to it. But wait a minute, where’s Gai Takarada and Nishio Onishi?

Well, Takarada is relaxing somewhere but here’s Onishi, acting like a fool and I doubt that he did some revisions for Hikayu Hoshikawa. Poor Hikayu-chan…

Also, here are the girls as they’re relaxing as well, including Shuuma Suruga who’s very tired after doing some sketches. But wait a minute, where’s Meteora Estherreich and Hikayu Hoshikawa?

Well, Meteora will take a dip later but here’s Hikayu-chan, feeling anxious about something. Hmm, I wonder what happened between her and Nishio Onishi? I smell something fishy…

But anyways, time for the main event as the Elimination Chamber Festival is now live at a stadium somewhere in Tokyo!

And here’s Souta Mizushino as he’s hyped for this cross-over project. Let’s hope that his character will make its debut and not screw it up!

Also, here’s Meteora Estherreich and Aki Kikuchihara as they’re making preparations for transporting their allies to the birdcage, including Meteora.

But first, Meteora has something to summon from another world!

Turns out, it’s Selesia’s Vogelchevalier as Meteora Estherreich made it a reality after being stuck in her world from the first episode!

Yeah, she’s happy that her trusty mecha is in her hands! Of course, Selesia wished that her partner Charon is in there too, but I don’t think he’ll come over to the real world and help her.

Meanwhile, looks like Altair and her allies are ready to stop them as they’ll enter the birdcage very soon. Also, Alisteria February is there but I wonder why she returned to Altair’s group?

In any case, we’ll find that out on the next episode! Still, I wonder where’s Magane Chikujouin when the Elimination Chamber Festival is happening?

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