Tenshi no 3P! Episode #04

Here’s Kyo Nukui as he’s troubled when it comes to those three girls. Jun Gotou’s group couldn’t make friends because they only care by themselves, much like Kyo-kun as he doesn’t like to have friends due to his fears of being bullied again… and we don’t want that!

However, Nukui decided that he’s doesn’t want to hide anymore as Kyo created a song while he’s thinking about those girls. Now all it needs is some lyrics.

And one last thing, seems that Nukui went to his school and showed his musical talent to his classmates. Such a bold move there!

Afterwards, Kyo-kun left school and went home out of embarrassment. Really Nukui, you have one job and that’s make a good impression to your classmates so that you won’t get hurt!

Fortunately, Sakura Toriumi record it because it would be a waste if she didn’t do it.

I have to say that she’s impressed by Kyo’s courage to perform despite his anxiousness. I mean, it’s what the thought counts!

Heck, even Masayoshi Sawatari agrees with Toriumi that instead of telling him to stop the girls from performing, Sawatari encourages Nukui to help them.

Well, looks like it’s a reverse of fortune right there!

And so, Kyo Nukui told the girls that instead of sending flyers to strangers all day, why not spread the word about their concert among their classmates.

With some little courage, they could attract a crowd much like Kyo where he went to school and perform in front of his classmates.

C’mon, Nukui did this to show Jun, Nozomi, and Sora that if he could reach his classmates out, they can do it too!

But anyways, Jun Gotou’s group took Kyo-nii’s advice and lo and behold, they got an audience right off the bat! Yeah, it’s all thanks to Nukui’s courageous effort to convince these girls that they have a real concert… and they made it successful!

All I can say is that Jun Gotou, Nozomi Momijidani, and Sora Kaneshiro did a great job today. On the other hand, I love how Kyo Nukui faced his fears and attend high school, although his road to having a normal school life will be a rocky one. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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