Gamers! Episode #04

This is Karen Tendou, the idol of Otokubi High School where she’s not only a diligent student to everybody, but also an avid gamer who’s good at it!

But that all changed when Karen met Keita Amano who’s not only a gamer, but also a passionate one despite not being competitive compared to her senior members of the video game club.

And yet, despite Keita’s refusal to join the club, Karen couldn’t stop thinking about him that Tendou’s life has become a mess. Worst of all, her skills of playing games competitively has gone down because of it.

On the other hand though, what about the sub-plot from the previous episode where Aguri is getting jealous that Tasuku Uehara is getting closer to Chiaki Hoshinomori? Man, I wish it was resolved on the next episode ’cause I’m worried about Uehara being accused of two-timing.

But anyways, looks like Karen Tendou just bump into Keita Amano as she still wants him to join the video game club.

But not today though as Keita wanted to have fun as always. I mean, playing video games is a way to relieve stress and makes you happy… unless you’re getting frustrated of losing a game.

And what a better way for both of them to have fun is by going to their local arcade.

C’mon, the arcade has everything from crane games, medal games, and even traditional ones ranging from shoot’em ups to fighting games. It’s the place to have fun and nothing else!

But sometimes, you don’t get much fun if your friend is winning all the time as Tendou realized how Amano won so many tokens… and he’s just casually insert a coin and earned a jackpot! Had he played it competitively, Keita will just burn out his money.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as it seems that both Keita Amano and Karen Tendou enjoyed their time at the arcade, although the latter is all fired up when she wants to win even though there’s no contest.

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