NEW GAME!! Episode #04

Here’s Hajime Shinoda as she was devastated that her chances of getting a concert ticket. Yeah, it happens to most people as they want to see it live instead of being forced to watch the concert via satellite… or not having it at all!

This annoys Yun Iijima as she accused Hajime of slacking off the job. But you know what, I think Yun should overlook this for once as Hajime is desperately wanted to watch the final concert of Magical Girl Moon Ranger, but she couldn’t!

Still, It’ll be bad if Hajime Shinoda didn’t go there so out of sheer luck, Yun Iijima got a spare ticket to share with her. C’mon, at least Yun-san is very grateful towards her colleague!

By the way, this is Magical Girl Moon Ranger as it’s basically PreCure (or Sailor Moon) mixed with any of the idol anime series that you can think of.

And yes, this is the final concert for the original duo as the Moon Ranger franchise will have a new heroine. This is something that Hajime will look forward to, but she’s sad that the 1st generation will bow out once the concert ends!

Anyways, Hajime Shinoda is having a blast when she’s watching the concert together with Yun Iijima and her siblings. C’mon, they love watching Magical Girl Moon Ranger!

Of course, that’s the day session as there’s more for the evening. Then again, Yun didn’t have another ticket for the evening session.

On the other hand though, Hifumi Takimoto went to see the evening session of the Moon Ranger’s final concert by herself… but not until both Aoba Suzukaze and Nene Sakura came to the concert as well. What a coincidence there!

So anyways, at least most of the Eagle Jump employees enjoy watching the Moon Ranger concert!

One last thing, it seems that Hifumi Takimoto will become the character team leader after some discussion with Kou Yagami. Well, I hope Hifumi-san will try to act like a leader instead of being the reserved one. As for Yagami though, let’s just say that she stepped up her game to become one of the art directors. But then again, she’s still clueless about Rin Touyama’s feelings.

But anyways, I’ll see you next time as Eagle Jump’s new game is ramping up for production!

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