Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Episode #04

This is B-Class where they’re always second best… until Ichinose and her classmates move up the ladder.

By the way, this is Chie Hoshimiya as she’s the homeroom teacher of B-Class. And seriously, she needs to cut down on liquor when Hoshimiya-sensei needs to stay focused. Then again, I wonder if she got some morning sickness?

And speaking of Honami Ichinose, looks like she’s talking to someone. Could it be a confession as Honami is holding a love letter?

Nah, it turned out to be Kiyotaka Ayanokouji as Ichinose wanted some advice from him. But you know what, Ayanokouji is not keen when it comes to romance as he’s a freaking deadpan protagonist!

And seriously, Kiyotaka-kun is suspecting something from Honami as she has a hidden agenda.

Oh yeah, as for the confession thing? It turns out that this girl right here is in love with Ichinose.

Sadly for this girl, Honami turned her down after she’s done talking to Kiyotaka. My condolences to this girl for her failed confession…

Meanwhile, seems that Ken Sudou couldn’t get away from trouble as he’s being accused of beating up upperclassmen from the basketball club.

Oh, and they turned out to be C-Class students, which I bet that it could be one of Ryuuen’s ploys again…

Seriously though, Kakeru Ryuuen is one dangerous motherfucker where he can trample anyone below him and get away scot-free!

But anyways, I expect that the basketball club members are in cahoots with Kakeru and honestly though, he could become the kingpin of Koudo Ikusei Senior High School if it wasn’t for Manabu Horikita. Glad that he’s stuck with C-Class and I fear that Kakeru Ryuuen being placed in A-Class would turn the school for the elites into a hellhole.

Fortunately, seems that there’s an eyewitness in the form of Sakura-san where she knows what happened between Ken Sudou and the basketball club’s C-Class members. However, she’s too scared to do so because Sakura-san feared of repercussions.

But anyways, let’s see if this will be resolved again on the next episode. Heck, I could see Ayanokouji beating Ryuuen at his own game!

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