Sakura Quest Episode #18

Looks like Maki Midorikawa is here to pick Queen Yoshino Koharu up since it turns out that she’s not being threatened by the old folks at Warabiya Village.

Anyways, Queen Yoshino tries to invite Maki to a drink, but she can’t do that because Maki is driving and stuff.

Then again, who needs to drive back to Manoyama when Maki can party all night at Warabiya!

Yeah, looks like the hunter has just become the hunted… and it’s all according to the Professor’s plan!

Now then, the Professor ordered the Kingdom of Chupakabura to bring a cameraman to the newly-established Republic of Warabiya. Silly, huh?

Oh by the way, Ririko Oribe is doing the camera work as she records the lives of these elderly people, right down to their local delicacies and customs. So why the folks at Warabiya needed a camerawoman at this time?

Well, it’s all according to the Professor’s plan as he explained to Sanae Kouzuki that Warabiya’s culture needs to be preserved in videos. Then again, putting all of them to YouTube without backup is bad. What if the local Manoyama channel got taken down?

Still, the Professor and his friends didn’t pose any trouble to the Kingdom of Chupakabura as he wants to show everyone how good Warabiya Village is before it disappears. C’mon, they don’t have much time left on this world!

Meanwhile, Queen Yoshino happened to see Takamizawa sitting at the bus stop. As much as he wanted to ferry his patrons all the way to Warabiya Village, the bus company says no because it’s expensive to take a route there.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that it’ll be replaced by self-driving cars in the near future, making taxi and bus drivers obsolete. But who wants that to happen when Takamizawa is still in his prime?

Well, he has a solution to that as Takamizawa proposes a plan to bring the Manoyama On-Demand Bus to the elderly folks at Manoyama.

It might be a little bit expensive, but at least this on-demand bus can take enough people instead of having a vacant seats when riding on a traditional bus.

Gotta say that Takamizawa’s idea was a hit to the folks at Warabiya. Well, it turns out that he proposed the on-demand bus program before the bus company turned him down.

But now, seems that his pride as the former prince/bus driver has been restored. Of course, Takamizawa got some help on making his plan a reality…

It’s none other than Sanae Kouzuki as she develops an app for Manoyama’s On-Demand Bus Service. Perfect for those old folks who wanted to go to other places with just a click away. I mean, they know how to use tablets after the previous episode.

So with all said and done, seems that the rebellion is over as both the Republic of Warabiya and the Kingdom of Chupakabura made a peaceful resolution, with the former rejoining the kingdom as they don’t want to maintain a micro-nation in the first place. Now that it’s over, it’s time for the ladies to get the sacred treasures for the Mizuchi Festival!

Unfortunately, the Professor died before telling them the whereabouts of the sacred treasures. Honestly though, despite playing tricks to those girls, he’s a cool old guy with good intentions!

And while the whole community paid their respects to the Professor, it seems that Queen Yoshino and her royal court will never revive Manoyama’s lost festival… until someone gave them a tip to the treasure’s location.

It turns out that the Professor gave them the location via a message to Manoyama’s online bulletin boards. So even in death, the Professor trolled Queen Yoshino and her friends for one last time!

But hey, at least they got one of the sacred treasures for the Mizuchi Festival. Now the only thing that they need to do is to get the last two treasures, which I’m hoping that they’ll find it on the next episode.

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