Knight’s and Magic Episode #05

Well, looks like the Order of the Bronze Fang are making their sneaky move as they try to steal the latest Silhouette Knight.

Yeah, Lady Kerhilt and her band of thieves will do anything to get their hands on Ernesti’s goods!

And yes, they succeeded as the Order of the Bronze Fang finally stole the Telestale and some high-end Silhouette Knights from the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit.

Well, gotta say that Fort Casadesus just got a rude awakening and honestly, King Ambrosius should be aware that there are enemies who are trying to topple the kingdom!

Fortunately though, the students from Laihiala Academy are here to stop the thieves, starting with Deitrich Knitz and his upgraded Guair.

Gotta say that Lady Kerhilt couldn’t believe that there’s more upgraded Silhouette Knights from the Fremmevira Kingdom.

Would it be better if Kerhilt and her goons kidnap Ernesti Echevalier ’cause he’s a mecha otaku and knows everything on how robots function just like his favorite shows? Then again, this is Ernie we’re talking about and he’ll get away from the Bronze Fang!

Anyways, Lady Kerhilt makes her escape with her Telestale at hand. And while Edgar’s Earlcumber is trying to capture her, he’s being blocked by one of Kerhilt’s men!

Meanwhile, Ernesti Echevalier caught up with David Hepken and Batson Tendony as he gets his own Silhouette Gear.

Just to be clear though, neither David nor Batson have any idea that an enemy of the kingdom is stealing their latest machine and they’re pretty much caught off-guard with these string of events!

In any case, Ernie goes into action with his custom-made Silhouette Gear. Those thieves won’t see this coming that a mere child genius is destroying them!

Also, the Walter twins are here to assist Ernie on their mission to stop the Bronze Fang thieves and take the Telestale back!

Let’s start things off with Archid Walter as he goes swinging his sword against the stolen Silhouette Knight.

I have to say that Lady Kerhilt’s goons are not very adaptable when it comes to using machines from the Fremmevira Kingdom.

And here’s Adeltrud Walter as she’s wielding a mean crossbow and take aim against the enemy.

Again, those thieves couldn’t stand a chance against Ernesti and his friends. But anyways, the majority of the Bronze Fang members have been apprehended!

Well, except for Lady Kerhilt as she finally got away but not before inflicting damage against the Earlcumber. That’s a nasty hole there!

And here’s Edgar C. Blanche as he’s injured and very much disappointed for himself for letting one Silhouette Knight from the Fremmevira Kingdom stolen by the enemy. Oh and to put more salt into Edgar’s wounds, that’s actually Helvi Oberg’s machine.

With that said, King Ambrosius has had enough of being toyed by its enemies as he enacted a special task force called the Order of the Silver Phoenix, which comprised of Ernesti Echevalier and his friends from Laihiala Academy. Now that Ernie got his own knight order, let’s hope that he could find ways to not only create better machines but also take down spies within the kingdom. After all, everything that Ernie invented belongs to him and the Fremmevira Kingdom!

But curiously though, who are the Order of the Bronze Fang and what country does Lady Kerhilt and her band of thieves belong to? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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