Symphogear AXZ Episode #05

Oh look at Adam Weishaupt, he’s just chilling together with Tiki after blowing up the entire Kazanari Institute in Matsushino.

Still, the Lodgemaster will let his alchemists deal with the Symphogear users as they have Faust Robes, which are powered by the Philosopher’s Stone! But does Saint-Germain and her allies can circumvent the laws of equivalent exchange?

Anyways, it looks like Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s group are okay but they don’t want to wait for the LiNKER drug to be completed as Shirabe Tsukuyomi…

…and Kirika Akatsuki are trying to get their bodies stronger in order to use their relics without hurting themselves.

But seriously though, I think that both Shirabe and Kirika should settle down for the time being because they used their Symphogear to rescue Hibiki and her friends from being blasted away by the Lodgemaster!

See, even Maria told them to stop transforming or they might die. I mean, Serena’s death is still lingering in her mind.

So yeah, strengthening themselves is out of the question because no matter how tough their bodies are, their sync rates are still low to maintain their transformed state.

However, there’s a way to find the final piece of the LiNKER puzzle as Elfnein suggested to use one of Dr. Ver’s creations to go deep into the mind of a Symphogear user.

Case in point, it’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve as her Airgetlám can control and maintain the flow of energy between the relic and its user. Basically, Maria’s Symphogear form can last long without putting too much stress in her body.

Meanwhile, both Yatsuhiro and Genjuro Kazanari are being summoned by Kamakura as he’s pretty much pissed that the institute in Matsushino, complete with its collection of relics, is obliterated by Adam Weishaupt.

Oh, and here’s what Kamakura looked like in which he’s not related nor have any physical similarities to Adam.

Yeah, it’s confirmed that both Kamakura and Adam Weishaupt are different entities. Then again, he’s still angry that the relics are gone!

But let’s go back to Elfnein as she peeked into Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s memories both good and bad.

As you can see, Maria is spending time with her sister Serena before being tortured by Prof. Nastassja Sergeyevna Tolstaya, all in the name of science and Finé’s will.

However, it turns out that peeping into someone’s memory is very dangerous as Elfnein encountered some Noises along the way.

Yeah, this is gonna suck for Elfnein ’cause if she dies here, Elfnein won’t wake up anymore in the real world!

Fortunately for Elfnein, Maria Cadenzavna Eve is here to rescue her. Oh and it’s not based on her memories, it’s actually Maria as she wields her Airgetlám once again!

But anyways, it seems that Elfnein will continue her quest inside Maria’s mind as they must find the piece of the LiNKER puzzle. Heck, they might encounter Dr. Ver at some point!

Of course, while Elfnein and Maria’s search for the missing piece is still going on, SONG will have another threat in their hands…

Well, say hello to a dragon-type Alca-Noise by yours truly, the Bavarian Illuminati as they’re watching on top of their airship somewhere.

And here are the alchemists as Saint-Germain, Cagliostro, and Prelati are just chilling out because victory is assured when they’ll stomp the Symphogear users. I mean, Philosopher’s Stone is stronger than a mere Dainsleif relic.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and I would like to apologize for the delays due to real-life commitments. I hope that I can watch Ep. 6 without further delays!

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