Knight’s and Magic Episode #06

Oh boy, looks like Ernesti Echevalier is having a bad dream again of not building plastic models in his previous life.

But then again, seems that his nightmare is short-lived when Adeltrud Walter cuddled Ernie. But don’t worry Ernesti, you’ll build your own mecha someday!

Anyways, it’s time for Ernesti Echevalier and his Order of the Silver Phoenix to start their work on improving Silhouette Knights after Ernie graduated from Laihiala Academy.

So while that unfortunate event in Fort Casadesus still haunts the kingdom, Ernie and his loyal companion will make sure that it won’t happen again and also, they’ll make a mecha that the likes of Telestale and Kaldatoah obsolete.

In order to make the finest Silhouette Knight for Fremmevira Kingdom, Ernie developed Silhouette Gears for knightsmiths like Batson Tendony. This would reduce the time and effort for lifting objects thanks to its minituralized Magius Engine, which is far more economical and safe than the Ether Reactor.

With that said, this will be the period where Ernesti and his team will create the best mecha through trial and error. I mean, they need to break conventions in order to make new technologies like thrusters, sub arms, etc.

Meanwhile, there’s a new addition to the Order of the Silver Phoenix as Nora Frykberg joined Ernesti’s knight order because she knows how to deal spies within the kingdom.

That’s because Nora Frykberg came from the Order of the Azure Hawk, who knows espionage and other covert missions to protect Fremmevira’s interests.

This means that everyone who’s working for a hostile country/organization will be apprehended. Yeah, this includes this shady knightsmith who just got arrested!

Still, he won’t tell his boss ’cause it’s a secret to everybody…

Now then, King Ambrosius Tahvo Fremmevira has invited the Order of the Silver Phoenix to have an exhibition match against the Silhouette Knight Laboratory’s newest mecha: the Kaldatoah Darsch.

It’s basically a revamp version of the Kaldatoah with Telestale’s sub-arms in the back. Gotta say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

And here are the representatives from the Silhouette Knight Laboratory: Director Olver and Chief Gaizka.

As much as they copied the Telestale’s functions right down to its Strand-type Crystal Tissue, the latter is seeking more recognition than the latter ’cause Chief Gaizka is pretty much jealous.

Now then, I can’t wait to see Ernie’s offering for the king…

And it turns out that I was not disappoint as he delivered something out of the ordinary! First of all is the introduction of the Centaur-type Silhouette Knight…

…which is piloted by Adeltrud and Archid Walter. Glad that the twins have stepped up their game as they become knight runners!

Also, the Centaur-type Silhouette Knight has a carriage that contains two upgraded Silhouette Knights with Option Works: Edgar C. Blanche’s Earlcumber and Deitrich Knitz’s Guair!

And lastly, the piece de resistance as the carriage emerged a brand-new Silhouette Knight called the Tzendolg…

…which is piloted by none other than Ernesti Echevalier. Looks like he achieve his dream of creating his own mecha and now Ernie will have to test it out!

Anyways, next week’s episode will commence the battle between Ernesti’s Order of the Silver Phoenix and the Silhouette Knight Laboratory!

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