Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #11

Hey guys and gals, looks like Kazuma Satou has a fan as she’s excited to hear about his adventures!

See, she’s enthusiastic about meeting Kazuma after beating one or two generals from the demon lord army. But what if she’s actually paid to do so? We’ll find that out!

But anyways, it’s time for Kazuma’s party to do some quests because they’re told to do so.

So first things off, they must explore a ruins that not only contain treasure…

…but also a giant golem that’s not made of stone, but rather metal. Hmm, does the creator of this golem is into mecha anime or something?

Anyways, looks like Darkness-chan will take care of this metal golem!

Uh, never mind… I have to say that she’s powerless when Darkness’ breastplate comes off. Seriously, the metal golem is just flicking her boobs off!

But then again, Darkness-chan is a masochist and therefore she loves this stuff. Goddammit, I have no comment for this one!

Well then, time to call Megumin and use her Explosion magic against the metal golem!

And as you can see, this metal golem is about to meet its maker. But then again, the golem would probably tanked Megumin’s Explosion and survive.

Of course, the only way for this metal golem to be defeated is by activating its self-destruction device, so I’m hoping that Kazuma Satou and his party can get away from the golem once they activate it. Then again, they’re tough as balls so they’ll be fine!

Anyways, the metal golem has been defeated and now it’s time for Kazuma’s party to explore the ruins.

Inside the ruins, they found a diary that chronicles the life of a reincarnated person. Well, this would be interesting as I’m hoping that this person has a better life than Kazuma Satou.

Anyways, this guy was reincarnated and was tasked to defeat the demon lord as he has the ability to create anything. Yeah, I love to have that kind of ability compared to Kazuma’s Steal skill!

But then, I was wrong as it turns out that this guy didn’t defeat the demon lord right away as he just make things to clear his boredom, from the metal golem to the boss from Season 1 known as the Destroyer.

Oh, and this person’s previous life was that of a NEET so clearly he’s with the same kind of people as Kazuma Satou. Now I know why this guy was a pain in the ass when the Destroyer went berserk. One more thing, he’ll lose a lot of hair later down the line!

One last thing, looks like Kazuma Satou stumbled upon something important as it could be one of his works, waiting to be awakened at any moment.

Obviously, Kazuma wanted to be the first one to activate it so he tries to stop Megumin from pressing any button that would awaken some robot or a powerful weapon.

Then again, it’s too late now as Aqua pressed it that will activate one of the reincarnated man’s finest works. Oh what the hell, let’s get on with the reveal!

It turns out that the reincarnated man has made a humanoid golem… and a dangerous one to boot as this female humanoid golem has some nasty weapons to punish or even kill a person!

Even Kazuma’s party are terrified that this female humanoid golem is a bonafide sadist, which makes me think that her creator might be a masochist.

Man, while Kazuma wanted this humanoid golem by himself, he doesn’t want to be her whipping boy all the time! Also, looks like Darkness-chan wants to get punished by this golem as well.

Well then, looks like there’s no other choice but for Megumin to use her Explosion magic against the humanoid golem.

Honestly though, that guy should have defeated the demon lord a long time ago instead of making things for nothing!

But let’s go back to the bar where one of Kazuma’s fan is complaining to the receptionist Luna on why she needs to motivate Kazuma Satou for monetary gains.

Hmm, looks like this fan is actually fake as she’s just being paid to do so!

Of course, it appears that someone heard about this horrible reveal. I wonder who that person is?

Well, turns out that Kazuma Satou wasn’t pleased on how his fan is actually being paid to praise him.

I mean, look how his face says it all when he saw the awful truth!

And here’s the rest of Kazuma’s party as they’re laughing on how pathetic he is. Wow, they’re so mean towards Kazuma Satou!

With that said, that’s the end of this OVA episode of KonoSuba Season 2. Man, I wish that there would be more in the future but I feel that Kadokawa has no plan for another season. C’mon, the light novels are selling well so they’re not keen on telling Studio DEEN to make Season 3.

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