Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s the finale of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai as Archangel Michael is here to destroy everything that’s sinful, all under the guidance of God in order to create a new world order!

Oh yeah, and Michael won’t bring Belial or Satanael to Heaven because she’s a demon lord… or rather a disgraced demon lord!

Even Lucifer laughs at Belial’s foolishness for cooperating with Michael just to return to Heaven. Honestly, Belial’s decision to ally herself to Michael has cost her dearly.

But hey, at least Belial has her loyal companion Astaroth which is sad that the Demon Lord of Melancholy still believes in her. I pity Astaroth…

Anyways, Michael didn’t waste no time on enacting judgment against hell as she spread her golden wings and her snazzy new outfit.

By the way, those golden wings has all the powers of seven heavenly virtues and Michael can defeat anyone thanks to God’s powers!

So if anyone dare to beat Michael as Belial shows her last-ditch effort, they’ll end up being killed by this mighty archangel.

And as you can see, the former Demon Lord of Vanity couldn’t stand a damn chance! Well, we’ll sure gonna miss Belial…

But then again, this freakin’ former demon lord is very tough as Belial is still standing.

Oh, and she clipped one of Michael’s wings because c’mon, the former demon lord wants to have a last laugh before she’s gone for good!

In any case, Belial’s work is done as she goes out with a bang, but not before she’s joined by her loyal companion Astaroth.

Well, I’m gonna miss both of them and with Belial and Astaroth’s resignation, Lucifer and Leviathan have officially become demon lords of Hell!

But now, let’s go back to Michael as she’s being assaulted by the likes of Satan. Oh, and do you think that the Demon Lord of Wrath will do the whole brunt against the archangel?

Say hello to Belphegor as the Demon Lord of Sloth is just sitting on one of Michael’s wings until it broke. Well, at least she contributed in some way or another!

There’s also Asmodeus as she seduced the archangel just for distraction. I mean, the Demon Lord of Lust loves being kinky towards Michael that Asmodeus took one of her wings!

But that leaves Michael vulnerable against Beelzebub as the Demon Lord of Gluttony is eating her wings away.

And last but not the least, here’s Mammon as she delivers a powerful concoction against Michael…

…which disintegrates one of her wings. Looks like Michael is getting weaker and weaker!

As for the Demon Lord of Greed, she has no regrets on helping Lucifer. It would be nice if Leviathan contribute on taking down Michael, but she’ll get blown away.

Now then, it’s time for Lucifer’s turn to beat her former friend Michael as she hates the archangel for being goody two shoes towards God, despite being senile and making mistakes that destroying Hell and punishing humans is the only solution.

But you know what, there’s another reason for that as Michael wants to beat Lucifer so badly as she doesn’t like being second best towards the former archangel. Yeah, I could accept this reason over the first one.

In any case, Michael didn’t waste any time on unleashing her secret weapon towards Lucifer, it’s the Spear of Longinus in which it’s perfect for slaying devils and fallen angels alike.

And then, Lucifer falls down to a church where Leviathan and Maria Totsuka went there to check if she’s alive or not.

Sadly for both Leviathan and Maria, they’re too late as Lucifer dies on the spot. Damn, that can’t be true and I was rooting for her to win! Why?!

While Leviathan is saddened by Lucifer’s death, Maria Totsuka is the one who’s affected the most as it was revealed that she’s actually a devout follower of Lucifer before her fall.

Thus, she has decided to sacrifice her life in order to revive Lucifer by piercing her heart.

And with that, Maria Totsuka has died as her blood flows through Lucifer’s gaping hole and into the fallen angel’s heart.

On the other hand, I’m not being turned on with this kind of “symmetrical docking” in my opinion!

But thanks to Maria’s blood, the newly-crowned Demon Lord of Pride has returned from the dead. Well then, seems that Lucifer will have to thank Maria Totsuka for this revival as she’s ready for Round 2!

And right off the bat, Lucifer delivered a flurry of slashes towards Michael that her clothes got ripped apart. Well, I hope that archangel won’t get embarrassed now that she’s in the nude!

Also, look at her eyes as she’s crying with blood. I guess that Lucifer is so pissed that she lost Maria Totsuka as she sacrificed her life to revive this fallen angel.

As much as she treated Maria as her plaything, Lucifer still cares for her in the end.

Now then, it’s time for the climax as Lucifer poured all of her emotions into her last attack against her former friend.

And here’s the aftermath where Lucifer paid her back by throwing her spear straight to the archangel’s heart. Well, looks like Michael is finished as she tells the demon lord to kill her off!

Then again, the newly-crowned Demon Lord of Pride spared Michael’s life as Lucifer warned her that the lords of the seven mortal sins will punish Heaven for purging humanity and Hell indiscriminately.

With that said, Lucifer and her fellow demon lords emerged victorious and Hell is safe from being purged!

Unfortunately though, there’s one person who’ll never return as Maria Totsuka is gone forever. Hell, even Leviathan is sad that her rival is dead!

She should be happy that Maria is no longer in this world, but it appears that even the jealous one has some sympathy that Leviathan lost a dear friend.

That is until a miracle happened as Maria Totsuka is reborn and Lucifer is delighted to have her one true devotee back from the dead. Gotta say that there’s a miracle regardless of whether it came from heaven or hell!

And that’s the end of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai and I managed to finish this series despite some production trouble, most notably Artland in which they’re giving their partner studio TNK a hard time delivering episodes until it went bankrupt. But even though they managed to deliver all 12 episodes, I feel that there are some spots of flare that slightly obscure tits. Seriously, this is a fanservice show and I want to see boobies crystal clear!

As for the plot, it’s a bit okay that it explores the myth behind the seven mortal sins and I love some of the characters like Beelzebub (with the exception of Belial ’cause she’s a bitch), yet I feel that there’s more to this as the ending needs a lot to be desired and the story is not yet over. I mean, Lucifer and her fellow demon lords must kill God for his senility on punishing humanity without question. And by the way, Michael isn’t the only archangel as she has six other archangels to stop Lucifer from achieving her goals.

With that said, if there’s a sequel for Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, tell Hobby Japan to hire the likes of ARMS on making a second season. Otherwise, I’m basically done for this show as I don’t expect another one. Seriously, it’ll be one of those anime series that basically destroyed one studio. Now I’m worried about TNK…

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