Sakurada Reset Episode #18

Seems that we haven’t seen Shintarou Tsushima for a while as he asked Sasane Ukawa a favor. What could it be if you may ask? Well, he wants Ukawa to use her abilities to eliminate all of Sakurada’s abilities including Tsushima because he feared his own ability.

Hmm, now I’m thinking that Shintarou-san is in cahoots with Masamune Urachi! But then again, I wonder what sort of ability does the advisor of the Service Club has?

Meanwhile, here’s Eri Oka after being out for a long, long time. I wonder if she’s working with Urachi since she can brainwash everyone until they can’t use their powers anymore, which is in line with Masamune-san’s policy of eliminating abilities in Sakurada?

Now then, seems that Kei Asai got caught into one of those events when an ability user just used his/her powers uncontrollably.

As you can see, this situation is much worse than any of the previous events that the Bureau is in panic mode.

Now then, Kei Asai wasted no time on finding Sasane Ukawa as he believes that stopping her would retain all of Sakurada’s abilities within an area.

And speaking of Ukawa, she’s with Tsushima-sensei and I have to say that both of them are really in cahoots with Masamune Urachi!

So, the only way for Kei-kun to stop Sasane-san’s abilities is to kick the door. Really Asai, do you think that kicking would work on this situation?

Unfortunately for Kei Asai, it’s too little too late as this event was finished in an instant thanks to Ukawa’s abilities.

Yeah, it’s all blue skies now and it seems that Urachi’s plan is becoming a reality as victory is in his grasp!

And here’s Masamune Urachi as he’s just laughing at Kei Asai at the moment. Well, he’s actually here to take Asai’s belongings including Hiroyuki Sasano’s photos and The Script. One last thing, seems that Masamune Urachi has another ability as he can revert an object to a previous state. Heck, he can regress Asai’s age too.

But you know what, it doesn’t matter if those events related to spontaneous activation of someone’s abilities are unrelated as Asai thinks that it all leads to Urachi in the end. I mean, Masamune-san got the Bureau in his hands so he push his agenda. Also, Urachi’s other ability can’t revert something absolutely as it has limits where he can turn back an object for a maximum of 5 years.

Still, it ain’t over till it’s over as there’s one more episode left for this current story arc. Who will succeed as the fate of Sakurada lies between Urachi and Asai?

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