NEW GAME!! Episode #05

Well, here’s Hifumi Takimoto as she begins her new job as the character design lead.

As much as she tries to be a leader, Takimoto’s shyness couldn’t take some members of her team seriously… sometimes.

Then again, both Yun Iijima and Aoba Suzukaze are worried that they’re pressuring Hifumi-sempai to the point that she might quit.

Glad that they’re being careful on Takimoto ’cause losing her would be a bigger blow if both Yun and Aoba fumbled up!

And speaking of fumbling up, Yun Iijima apologized to Hifumi Takimoto for lying about delays regarding her character model, which in reality she finished the model but Yun is too scared on whether to submit it or not.

Therefore, Yun wants Hifumi-sempai to reprimand her for lying. Uh Yun-san, I don’t think it’s a big deal anyway!

And yet, Takimoto decided to reprimand Iijima anyways as she puts her hand towards Yun’s chin. Hifumi-sempai, I don’t think that your way of punishing your colleagues is effective!

In fact, it’ll make a misunderstanding as Aoba Suzukaze came in to see this rare sight of Hifumi-sempai dominating Yun-san.

Well, I hope that Aoba-chan won’t forget this moment!

Meanwhile, Eagle Jump’s second game is coming along nicely but there’s more room for additional features, especially the main character of the game named Peco in which wearing animal costumes is the main gimmick.

So when Hajime Shinoda proposed some underwater mechanics to Shizuku Hazuki, especially when it comes to the main character using water-based enemies as her costume, Hazuki told Shinoda to consult to their team-mates about it.

Fortunately for Hajime, both Aoba and Yun can help her out as they come up with enemy design ideas like a hammerhead shark, a salmon, and even a kappa too.

Thanks to their assistance, Hajime revised her proposal and decided that she’ll incorporate stealth into the game. I mean, Peco is a character known for sneaking into enemy territory much like Solid Snake.

Finally, it’s time to create the final boss of the game as Aoba is struggling to come up with something that’ll become Peco’s adversary.

Her idea is that the boss will be a human queen, but Aoba is having trouble on whether she’ll make a witch-like character or a bossy but misunderstood one. Therefore, Aoba consults to Shizuku-san about it where she gave some advice on making a good final boss.

Eventually, Suzukaze came up with the *ahem* final boss design (sorry for the pun) where she portrays a little girl who’s very lonely and bossy too towards her stuffed animals.

Yeah, looks like Aoba’s design could work well as Peco’s adversary!

Heck, even the art director Kou Yagami is impressed by Aoba’s design of the antagonist. Well, I have to say that Eagle Jump’s newest game is getting better with each passing day!

One last thing before we go, seems that Aoba Suzukaze is having a vacation together with Nene Sakura and their other friend named Hotaru Hoshikawa, who just returned from her art studies in France.

And by the way, Hotarun is the one who teach Aoba on drawing characters in which is a big help since Aocchi became a character designer!

On the other hand though, seems that Aocchi wants to tease Hotarun that Aoba tries to grope her tiddies! Oh Aoba, you sure are a cheeky girl…

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and I’m hoping that Hotaru Hoshikawa decided to work in Eagle Jump after she finished her studies. As for Nenecchi, she’s ten years too early to join Eagle Jump!

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    haha this seems to be cute!! I am watching love and lies these days but might add this onto my list too! 🙂

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