Sakura Quest Episode #19

Well look what we have here, seems that the ladies are exploring an abandoned school in Manoyama.

Of course, they’re not here to find ghosts as Queen Yoshino Koharu and her royal court are finding one of the sacred treasures of the Mizuchi Festival. Let’s hope that they won’t run onto the rumored blood-soaked Santa Claus…

…or even this gorilla-looking guy in which Yoshino, Sanae, and Shiori got startled by it.

Fortunately though, this gorilla-looking guy happened to be Maki Midorikawa’s father who is a vice-principal of an elementary school in Manoyama.

Also, he knows the whereabouts of one of Mizuchi Festival’s sacred treasures. As you can see, this hanging drum has seen better days since Ushimatsu Kadota wrecked it.

Still, Queen Yoshino got both treasures although the hanging drum needs some extensive repairs.

Meanwhile, Queen Yoshino has established the Mizuchi Festival Production Board, albeit in its proposal phase because the Board of Merchant haven’t agreed on reviving the festival yet.

Also, Ushimatsu Kadota is here as he’ll trace the original path of the Mizuchi Festival. Still, I think there’s something missing for Ushimatsu-san…

Oh right, they need to put a placard that say “Kadota is responsible for wrecking the festival 50 years ago.”

Although putting that kind of placard towards Kadota is like publicly humiliating a criminal, I think it’s fitting for him since his stupidity has destroyed the Mizuchi Festival!

Anyways, let’s hope that the revival of the Mizuchi Festival goes smoothly as Manoyama needs some fresh blood into this town before Yoshino’s term is up.

Now then, let’s focus on Maki Midorikawa as she was supposed to visit her family briefly and return to the dorm, but instead Maki’s mother invited her for dinner together with her father.

Oh yeah and speaking with Maki’s father, he’s disappointed with daughter for not only skipping college, but also her failure as an aspiring actress who faded into obscurity.

In any case, both Maki and her father are in bad terms that they always argue all the time!

Of course, Maki’s mother told both of them to stop fighting and eat. C’mon, arguing over the dinner table might spoil the meal and have a bad appetite!

Still, Maki’s relationship with her father will remained estranged until they decided to reconcile. Problem is that when will they have the time to say sorry to each other?

Lastly, Kousuke gave Maki a letter which says that the famed director Ryotaro Kurose is inviting her for an film audition. This is once in a lifetime opportunity and Maki Midorikawa couldn’t afford to skip this one out!

Of course, will Maki go to Tokyo and take the audition? We’ll find that out next week ’cause missing this audition will be a major regret for Maki Midorikawa.

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