Gamers! Episode #05

And so we’re back to what’s important, the brewing love triangle between Aguri-san and Chiaki Hoshinomori over Tasuku Uehara. Then again, Tasuku and Chiaki are just friends.

One more thing, it’s revealed that Hoshinomori is a game designer where she makes fun games during her spare time. It would be nice if Keita Amano is impressed on Chiaki’s other hobby…

Also, it seems that Chiaki is playing a smartphone game under her nickname “MONO”. BTW, Hoshinomori is playing the same smartphone game as Amano under the name of “Tsucchie”, which it turned out that they’re buddies in that game.

Then again, Uehara realized that both Amano and Hoshinomori are connected to a single damn smartphone game as if they’re tied by the red string of fate. Still, both Keita and Chiaki are still bickering towards their respective tastes but Tasuku needs to worry about something…

And that’ll be Aguri-san as she saw her boyfriend getting closer to Hoshinomori. Hell, even Amano was shocked to see this unfortunate event.

Seriously, I feel that a misunderstanding will grow out of proportions if things are not controlled by the end of this episode!

Anyways, Tasuku decided to hold a gamers meet-up after school in order to clear up misunderstanding apart from talking about video games. This includes Karen Tendou who’s curious about Keita’s relationship with Chiaki.

As much as Uehara has good intentions when it comes to clearing up misunderstandings, it won’t go well on this session!

Heck, both Amano and Hoshinomori are still at odds at each other even after Chiaki told her hobby as a game designer.

But you know what, they need to reconcile quickly, otherwise both Keita and Chiaki might become sworn enemies that they won’t help each other when playing raids on their favorite mobile game!

Meanwhile, Tasuku Uehara explains to Karen Tendou about this current situation. Even though he did his best to explain what’s happening between Keita Amano and Chiaki Hoshinomori, Karen thinks that they’re lovers engaging in a petty quarrel.

Oh by the way, there’s a girl at the background who’s peeping at the current situation, especially Tasuku Uehara who got closer to Karen Tendou. If you squint right past the blurry background, it’s Aguri-san and she’s freakin’ upset!

So much that she vents her frustration towards Keita-kun. But you know what, he can help Aguri on getting her boyfriend back… by the power of dating sims. And for those who think that dating sims won’t help you on real-life relationships, The Game Theorist beg to differ! Just watch both Part 1 and Part 2 after this post.

Well then, let’s hope that next week’s episode will resolve everything for those 5 people! Seriously, is this another misunderstanding anime much like Mitsudomoe?

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