Re:CREATORS Episode #17

Hey everyone, Re:CREATORS is back after a one-week break! As you can see, everyone is tuning in to the biggest crossover in Japan!

Whether you’re watching at the stadium, at home, or somewhere else as long as you have mobile data, the Elimination Chamber Festival has arrived to keep you entertained!

Let’s get the ball rolling with Selesia Yupitilia as she uses her personal Vogelchevalier to shoot fireballs at Altair.

Unfortunately for Selesia, Altair’s defense is impregnable that she can block Vogelchevalier’s attacks with a myriad of sabers acting as barriers.

Gotta say that the military-clad princess anticipates Selesia’s attacks that it’s baffling to see why Altair is unstoppable.

Heck, even Selesia Yupitilia herself couldn’t believe it!

Next up is Yuuya Mirokuji as he’s expecting Blitz Talker to show up for a rematch.

But instead, Yuuya will have to face his rival and the protagonist of “Lockout Ward underground-dark night”, Shou Hakua.

Yup, he’s excited to not only to have a match against Mirokuji, but Hakua is bent on avenging his sister’s death as Shou summoned Bayard!

And as you can see, Yuuya Mirokuji couldn’t stand a chance against Bayard when Shou uses his Astra Double to travel through glasses and attack Yuuya in unexpected angles.

Even though Mirokuji is on the ropes against Hakua, the fans loved it especially the female crowd. Those fujoshis are on a riot right now!

And lastly, here’s Rui Kanoya as he pilots his Gigas Machina and spam beams against a tiny enemy…

That enemy is none other than Alisteria February as she dodges Rui’s attacks like it was nothing. And c’mon, it’s hard for a giant robot to shoot a tiny target like Alisteria!

Speaking of Alisteria, I wonder what she’s planning to do other than screwing Rui over?

As for Rui Kanoya, he’s frustrated that he couldn’t swat a mere Alisteria February much like Selesia Yupitilia is experiencing it right now.

While Selesia can fight against Altair without relying on her mecha since she knows hand-to-hand combat, Rui-kun fighting on foot against Alisteria is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Sure that Kanoya has a handgun, but he might not put a dent on Alisteria’s armor!

Meanwhile at the stadium, Meteora Estherreich is doing one final chant to close off the barrier that separates between the fictional world and the real world.

With that said, looks like Meteora Estherreich, Aki Kikuchihara, and the rest of the creators will have to sit tight and watch the rest of the show… ’cause they can’t do anything at this point.

But then again, there are a few characters who didn’t go to Meteora’s birdcage as we have Magane Chikujouin, breaking Souta Mizushino’s spirit by talking.

Damn, where’s Souta’s character when he needed the most? I mean, having Magane doing her thing outside the birdcage is very dangerous!

And there’s also Blitz Talker as he wants some answers towards Shuuma Suruga on why Blitz has to suffer in his world, including forcing himself to kill her daughter Erina in order to stop a crisis.

Of course, the reason why Suruga has to create such things is because as a mangaka, she needs it in order to make her story stand out among the plethora of artists. And seriously, Shuuma Suruga doesn’t want her work “code.Babylon” faded into obscurity!

That’s when Blitz Talker decided to shoot Shuuma-san in the gut and sent her flying towards the locker. Damn, that’s gotta hurt!

Still, Suruga stood her ground despite being critically injured. But you know that, I think she needs a bodyguard if Shuuma-san takes one stick of cigarette somewhere.

On the other hand, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have arrived to stop Blitz Talker and rescue Shuuma Suruga.

Then again, I feel that Suruga might die on the spot due to her injuries! And speaking of Suruga, she has a surprise for Blitz Talker…

Turns out, Shuuma-san brought his daughter Erina back from the dead. Now then, let’s see if Blitz will defect to the good guys or serve Altair by killing her daughter again?

Wow, what a crazy turn of events on this week’s episode! I have to admit, seems that Altair is not so easy to beat her when she knows what Selesia and the rest are up to. With that said, I’ll see you next time…

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