Sakurada Reset Episode #19

Well look what we have here, it’s Sumire Souma as she went to Kei Asai’s apartment for something important. I wonder what Sumire is trying to do at Kei’s place?

Oh, they’re just making chicken curry so I guess that Souma won’t do anything bad against Asai. Would it be nice if Misora Haruki was invited as well?

So while they’re cooking curry, Sumire tells a story of a boy who doesn’t like superpowers or anything unnatural.

That boy is none other than Masamune Urachi and I have to say that he hates having special abilities because of her parents. I mean, the Urachi family are one of the founders of Sakurada and having abilities is a nuisance for young Masamune.

And that’s the story of how Masamune Urachi turned from a boy who often complain about special abilities other than his own, into a man bent on wiping out abilities in Sakurada.

Also, looks like Sumire Souma is taking a shower at Asai’s place as she told Kei-kun that she’s not the same person who died (or faked her death) 2 years ago.

Basically, what Kei managed to pull out from one of Hiroyuki Sasano’s photos is that the current Sumire Souma was just a clone of the real person. Still, it’s a mystery on whether Sumire is preventing Masamune-san’s plans or not.

And here’s Kei Asai as he’s in disbelief that the Sumire he knows is a mere shadow of herself, a clone of a supposedly dead person without a name.

But you know what, Kei Asai will save the abilities from wiping out of existence and one more thing, Asai will still choose Haruki over Souma. Although he doesn’t hate Sumire, it’s just that Kei wants to remain friends with her.

As you can see, she’s pretty much crying upon hearing it. It’s no wonder why Sumire Souma took a shower as she wants to hide her broken heart and tears of sadness… Damn, I pity this girl!

One last thing, here’s Misora Haruki as she’s waiting for Kei Asai until Misora got an unexpected visitor. Who could that be at this hour?

Oh boy, seems that Masamune Urachi is here together with Eri Oka. This ain’t good for bad reasons as their respective abilities can regress Misora from two to three years while cancelling her latent reset ability. Seriously, looks like Urachi is winning this!

Anyways, I feel that things are starting to make a drastic turn in Sakurada as Masamune is one step away from wiping out all abilities in Sakurada. For Kei Asai, it’s gonna be one tough battle as he’s driven to a corner.

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