Knight’s and Magic Episode #07

This is Chief Gaizka and he’s shocked that Ernesti Echevalier and his Order of the Silver Phoenix delivered four amazing Silhouette Knights to fight against their own creation.

By the way, I just want to point out that the Tzendolg refers to the centaur-like Silhouette Knight piloted by the Walter twins!

But anyways, here’s Ernie and his personal Silhouette Knight called the Toybox!

As you can see, Ernesti’s Silhouette Knight is quick and nimble thanks to its Magius Jet Thrusters, which he almost died upon testing it.

But hey, at least it works that the Aruvan Knight Runners are caught off-guard with Toybox’s immerse speed. Gotta say that Ernie made another quantum leap in Silhouette Knight technology!

Also, Edgar C. Blanche shows his stuff with his upgraded Earlcumber as it not only has a large flexible shield, but also a hook-like weapon called the Lightning Flail.

Basically, it electrocutes Silhouette Knights until their Crystal Tissues are overloaded, making them incapacitated to move around.

Good thing the Aruvan Knight Runners managed to let go of their shield as getting caught by the Earlcumber’s new toy would be dangerous!

Unfortunately for Ernie’s knight order, the mana of their Silhouette Knights are at their lower levels and the Aruvan Knight Runners are making their comeback.

As you can see, Deitrich Knitz is struggling to keep up with the veterans…

…as his Guair is being pushed back. I have to say that the Aruvans make up for their outdated Silhouette Knights with experience over the students from Laihiala Academy.

Of course, some of them like Adeltrud and Archid Walter can adapt to sticky situations and turn it around as they have Tzendolg on their side.

And the only way to beat one or even two Kaldatoah Darschs is to trample them!

After all, a centaur-like Silhouette Knight is very agile than a humanoid one, much like a cavalry would dominate over the foot soldiers.

Also, let’s not forget about Ernesti Echevalier as he’s making another move after a flashy start…

…by kicking one of the Aruvan Knight Runners much like Char Aznable. Well, those Aruvans should take account on Ernie because he might pull something crazy against them.

But anyways, the match ends in a draw as their mana has been exhausted. I think Ernie will have to improve the Silhouette Knight’s efficiency next time.

For the Aruvan Knight Runners, they’re impressed by Laihiala Academy’s students on their bravery during their mock battle.

For Edgar and the rest of the Silver Phoenix, it’s a good experience for them to fight against the veterans in preparation for their graduation.

I mean, it’s important for them to learn from the pros before taking on the enemies that threatened the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Ernesti talked to Chief Gaizka and it seems that there’s no hard feelings coming from either of these two people. In fact, Ernie is interested on talking about machines with Chief Gaizka.

Lastly, here’s King Ambrosius as he told Director Olver that he’s satisfied with the results of the mock battle. However, he wants Olver and his staff from the Silhouette Knight Laboratory to make refinements for Ernesti’s mecha.

As a side note, it turns out that King Ambrosius will give up his throne and have his son Leotamus succeed him as the king of Fremmevira. After all, he’s a very old man and Ambrosius wants to usher a new era within the kingdom.

And speaking of a new era, Ernesti Echevalier and his friends have graduated from Laihiala Academy and now they’re staying at their new headquarters of the Order of the Silver Phoenix: Fort Orobesius.

On the other hand, looks like Ernie is still working on minor improvements over his Silhouette Knight designs as he created a one-man version of the Tzendolg, the Tzendolimble.

Oh yeah, and it seems that the Tzendolimble will become Helvi Oberg’s new machine after the loss of her original Telestale. Of course, Helvi needs to get accustomed to the new control scheme as Adeltrud gives her some advice.

One more thing, I would like to introduce you to Ambrosius’ grandson named Prince Emrys as he returned to Fremmevira after his training in Kuschpercha.

Also, he saw how Ernesti’s Silhouette Knights’ performance during the mock battle that Emrys requested him to make a personal Silhouette Knight for himself and his grandfather Ambrosius. Well Ernie, I guess you can’t say no from this prince as he wants his Silhouette Knight to have more emphasis on power!

Anyways, Ernie created not one, but two Silhouette Knights clad in gold and silver ornaments, respectively. This is both the Goldleo and the Jilbatiga.

And it seems that both the former king Ambrosius and the crown prince Emrys are impressed by Ernie’s work.

Then again, both Ambrosius and Emrys wanted to take Goldleo as their own machine, but they won’t give up on taking it and thus the former king and the crown prince decided to settle disputes to a duel!

Anyways, it’s time for another mock battle between the former king and the prince as Ambrosius wields a spear, while Emrys puts his experience in Kuschpercha to work as he holds his trusty sword and shield.

By the way, don’t underestimate Ambrosius as the former king was once a fine commander and a formidable Knight Runner who couldn’t back down until he and his men defeated the enemy.

And as you can see, Ambrosius still has his thunder despite being around 60 years old as he throws Emrys into the ground.

As for Emrys, I think he’s 10 years too early to beat his grandfather. But you know what, both the Goldleo and the Jilbatiga have the same specs so I think that having Ambrosius and Emrys bickering over who’s gonna pilot the Goldleo is unnecessary.

With that said, Emrys gets to pilot the Goldleo while Ambrosius pilots the Jilbatiga. Seriously, it’s the same Silhouette Knight just with a different color and ornament! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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